Other Email Contents: Graphics, CTAs, etc | Email Course. Part 4


You know how to write a perfect text for your email, but what about images, videos, buttons, and other features that can be inserted with the help of HTML & plain text editor?


Though marketing activities are prohibited on Amazon, you still can use attention-grabbers to make your customers engaged. What’s more, bright and stylish images usually bring positive emotions, and this greatly affects your customers’ loyalty. Specialists in the marketing sphere state that images increase the trust to your brand and give lots of advantages to sellers. Besides of pictures, there are other tools of drawing attention to what you need: call-to-actions, videos, ratings.

Let’s start with the tips for using images and proceed to inserting other elements to your emails:


Images: Rules, Tips, Advice

1. Don’t confuse email images with print brochures

Users ordinary navigate email messages not the same way as they do with printed mailers. Forget about the design for printed things and imagine how you would like to see your incoming messages. Don’t make too complex collages, keep them simple and clear. Nevertheless, there are more influencing tools in emails except for the images.


2. Test your email before sending

Not all email providers display images, not all browsers display them correctly too. Before you start your email campaign, send a message to yourself or your colleagues and check how it looks like from different devices, browsers, and apps. If there are some issues with graphics and you can do nothing with it, make sure that your email message doesn’t look unclear without your image. Try to repeat the sense in the text, if necessary.


3. Images and Spam folder

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that messages with images are more likely to fall to the Spam folder. Sure, this happens not only because of pictures, but overuse of graphics contents can be a catalyst for that. That’s why we don’t recommend sending images in every email campaign.


4. Use images in the top

When customers open your email, they scan its contents for something interesting, let images attract their attention. Marketers state that pictures should be situated in the first 2 inches so that recipients notice them for sure.

You are free to place images wherever you want, however, it is you who knows your target audience, so test everything and choose the place thoughtfully.


5. Don’t send your message as one large image

We are sure that you have received such an email from some company at least once. Sure, this gives companies more opportunities to be creative and unusual, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Especially on Amazon! What’s more, Amazon may not like this, so better use one simple image in the beginning or at the end of your message.


6. The Rule of 30%

There is a rule of email designing saying not to use over 30% of your email for images. It is great that you use even less than 30% of email space for pictures, as people need a variety of formats to perceive the information smoothly.


7. Keep your images small

We mean their size, as if you insert a picture of 20 Mb, this won’t positively affect your reputation and will just leave your customers distressed. Keep them small and light.


Videos in Your Emails

Sellers are also allowed to insert videos to emails, they are uploaded to Amazon servers, your customers see them in the high quality.

These can be:

  • overviews of your products,
  • ways of using them,
  • useful tips.

People enjoy videos too, so why not to use them? Just be careful and don’t actively promote your brand or service, as first of all, videos should be helpful.


CTAs: Secrets for Amazon Sellers

Keep in mind that common call-to-actions are not allowed on Amazon, so sellers should be careful. Don’t use buttons and other attractive marketing elements. Just post a link and write some encouraging text. You see, while sellers must contact their clients ONLY for order fulfillment, there’s room for creativity.


Amazon does not ban for polite asking to leave honest feedback on people’s customer experience. Here is what we do at Seller Nexus — at the end of every our email template we briefly ask customers to share their honest opinion:

  • Note: clicking the button below will take you directly to the page where you can rate this transaction. It generally takes just a couple of seconds.
    [[feedback-link: You can leave your feedback here]]
  • We value our customers’ opinions and feedback, and we’re sure that other buyers would enjoy and benefit from your experiences and observations. You can share your impressions in a review.
    [[product-review-link: Share your thoughts here]]
  • Could you take a quick moment and write an honest review for [[product-name]]? Thank you! Authentic feedback from our customers is really important to our small business and we appreciate it very much. It’s invaluable in helping us improve our products and service.
    You can share your impressions at this link: [[product-review-link]].


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