Nice Email Strategies for Amazon Sellers


Hello, fellow Amazon entrepreneurs!

Surely, most of the sellers include something interesting and useful to their emails. It depends on the type of products they work with. Things that work well for one category may not be suitable for another one.


1. Tips on safety

If you sell some dangerous items that can even cause accidents, include some safety info in an email. People will appreciate the fact that your tips helped to avoid unpleasant situations and injuries.


2. FAQs

Mostly, customers don't know that such things can be found on Amazon or just don't want to take some time to read them. So, gathering all the frequently asked questions in one email and adding them to the set of your follow-up emails is an awesome idea! This can prevent you from getting tons of emails with different questions about how to use your product or something like this, and your clients will be delighted with your additional attention to their needs. One more plus to your karma!


3. Special hacks

I mean some alternative ways of using your item. People can be not aware of these ways, so share them with your clients! For instance, the main purpose of a paper clip is holding papers together. But if you search for some alternatives and creative options on the Internet, you'll find out that it can be used as a cable holder or a smartphone stand.


4. Do-s and don't

Mostly, people don't read instructions attentively. I know it for sure, as I don't do it either. It works for the majority of people who buy products on Amazon. So, maybe you should include into your follow-ups some important rules for using your product.


5. Special tutorials and instructions

As it was said in the previous point, people rarely read manuals. Try to remember when did you read one for the last time. Really, I bet it was so long ago that you even don't remember it. So, if you sell some item that needs instructions on how it works, highlight the most important points and sell them to your clients.


6. A piece of advice

If people ask you about some product's feature too often, think of including this information to the follow-up emails. It may be helpful.


7. Tips and tricks for similar and related products

If your product doesn't have any specific tips, offer some tricks around this item. For instance, if you work will pillows for traveling, you can send some advice on how to sleep comfortable during air flights. It will show your customers that you really take care about them. After you made this special buyer-seller connection, you can ask for a review.

What is the optimal length for an email?

This measure depends on your needs, but in general, the optimal email length is around 100-200 words. Remember that the majority of your audience will open your messages on their smartphones, so they will read it on a small screen. That's why it is always better to keep the messages concise.

What's a good length for the subject line?

According to marketing studies, the best lines are always between 50-65 characters. Emails with such subjects are the most opened. However, sometimes longer or shorter email subjects do well. So, I can advise you to test your email campaigns all the time.


Ultimate tips for writing an awesome subject line:

  1. Keep people curious. They say, curiosity killed that cat. Tell your audience something so much interesting that will surely gain their attention.
  2. Ask questions. This is a nice way to encourage people to read on your message.
  3. Problem solving. If your customer has a problem, he will be glad if you help him to solve it.
  4. Share a 'how-to' instruction. Such things encourage customers to use your product more frequently. They have more interest to grab it and test it immediately.
  5. Show exact numbers. Numbers and digits usually speak much better than words do. For instance, "90% of Clients Enjoy These Comfortable and Simple Knots" looks better than "This Tie Knot is Simple".
  6. Be negative. I don't mean you should do it constantly, but sometimes some 'Don't-s' can draw customers' attention and make them curious.

As you have already understood, subject lines of your emails play a great role in achieving success in the business. If this first line can't get customers' attention, your email may be never opened...

Anyway, you need to find what works well for your product, and the only way to do it is testing.

I wish you nice profits and lots of new customers on Amazon! Subscribe, if you liked this article!