Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

    • Where can I find your support?

      If you have questions, problems, or any other inquiries, submit a ticket in your account or contact our support team by contacting us.
    • Is there some software for installing?

      Everything is easier than it seems to be. Sign up in 2 minutes, and the rest will be done automatically. The system gets your data in 30 minutes or even less. That's all! You're ready to work fruitfully!
    • Where can I get more info about the software before starting?

      All you need is a FREE test-drive of our service. It's a no obligation trial, so you don't owe us something even if you won't use it further. But believe us, you hardly want to give it back. ;)
    • How many products can I add to my account?

      There is no limit now for your products. We have set it for keeping high-performance levels for our clients. We work with more than 1K items on an individual basis as we are willing to improve your experience with us. You can sign up and work with our free plan. We will be happy if you shared your experience with us and said what else can be enhanced.
    • Is Amazon feedback really so much important?

      Potential customers some to your online shop and it is feedback that gives them information about you as a seller. It can also affect your chances to win ‘Buy Box’ and your whole ability to use the Amazon marketplaces.
    • Can I ask my clients to remove their reviews?

      Amazon rules restrict straight asking for removing product reviews. But you can offer your clients helping to improve their customer experience and this can motivate them to change their minds about your item.
    • Do I need to give you access to my account?

      You need to authorize Marketplace Web Service (MWS) to the app and require your login credentials. Setting it up takes only a few minutes. We need this to get all information about your products and orders.
    • Can I trust you with my account?

      We treat security seriously. Your details are hidden with using OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption (by the way, this is a kind of strong encryption used by the US government) and are placed on firewalled servers. Our employees use two-step verification to prevent hacker attack. We check our servers for viruses every day and update our security means regularly. Your password is hidden by the one-way Bcrypt algorithm. It protects us from the 99% of security threats.
    • What if I need support? Are you going to help me?

      Just rely on us and don’t worry. We want you to be happy with our service, that’s why we made an informative FAQ, and a support desk with the team which is always ready to help. Ask them your questions and get answers to them as quick as possible. Be sure that your problem will be solved in 12-24 hours.
    • What is the difference between product reviews and seller feedback?

      Product reviews (also known as customer reviews) tell other people about how someone is satisfied with your product. Seller needs those reviews for more sales, of course, and tracking trends among his customers. Seller feedback tells others about the service and its quality in general. Many factors can affect this kind of feedback: shipping speed and cost, packaging, communication with the support (with you), etc.
    • What Amazon Marketplaces do you work with?

      We work with North America marketplaces (US, Canada, Mexico).
    • In what a way does your free plan work?

      You don't need to pay a cent for our FREE 'Beginner' plan. It even doesn't require any data on your credit card to start working.
    • Can I manage my subscription if I want to upgrade or downgrade, or cancel it?

      You are free to make any changes to your subscription anytime you like. If you cancel a trial, you won't be charged any money.
    • Is there a trial?

      We have 14 days trial for all our paid plans and one FREE plan which you can use while it fits your limits.
    • Is it necessary to choose a plan right now?

      No, it's not. It's possible to get a FREE unlimited full-featured version of any paid plan for 14 days. You wouldn't pay for it at all. If you like it and want to upgrade, just pick up a plan which meets your needs and requirements. Or you can use our totally free plan called 'Beginner'.
    • How many emails can I compose?

      Create as many emails as you wish. They can be about certain products, conditions, brands, fulfillment channels and whatever is needed.
    • Can I ask people to write a review with my message?

      It's a great idea! Seller Nexus was originally designed for getting any kind of seller feedback or reviews, but we've made a variable system of e-mails, so you can request your buyers for product reviews as well.
    • Can Seller Nexus send emails only to those customers who have bought a specific product?

      Surely! Our system can send emails targeted by certain ASINs, SKUs, or groups of SKUs. First, second, third buy, or promo. It can be set up whenever you want.
    • Can Seller Nexus target messages to repeat customers?

      Yes, it has special schemes for repeat buyers. You can also target of first-time clients. It is a template feature. So, you can select who will receive your email – a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer.
    • Can I create timing rules for sending my messages?

      You are absolutely free to set your emails basing on dates (of order, delivery or feedback). You can set a certain day time if you need.
    • What is allowed to include into an email message?

      The answer is: 'Anything you want'. But the things depend on your plan. In general, you can add images (logo, header, etc) for free. But there is also a list of other customizable things: - Client's name - Address - The date of order - Order ID - Items' names - A feedback link that can be customized as well Unfortunately, Amazon rules restrict linking to any other websites than Amazon and writing an email address in the message body.
    • When does the system send my emails?

      Seller Nexus is flexible and you can set it anyway you like to make it comfortable for you. Choose a certain hour while setting up your email campaign.
    • Can I see my open rates?

      Seller Nexus gives you an opportunity to track a wide variety of metrics, as well as open rates. You can view the data for the last 7, 14 and 30 day periods.
    • What opens info is tracked by Seller Nexus?

      Our system tracks the info on standard links. But custom ones are not tracked. So, you'll be unable to see this info on manually added links.
    • Why is it important to send feedback reminders?

      We have made a research and found out that Amazon buyers leave feedback not so often. They would rather leave a negative comment sharing their bad experience with some product than saying 'Thanks' for a high-quality item. Polite and friendly reminders sent in time to your buyers motivate them to spread the good word about your product. This can quickly increase your rate on Amazon. The more positive feedback you have, the more new clients will believe your product is really worth purchasing.
    • What email will my customers see when they receive my message?

      All emails sent with Seller Nexus go through the Amazon’s system of Buyer-Seller Messages. So, our system sends an email to Amazon (it looks like So, he will see your encrypted email. By the way, no personal info is sent.
    • Can Seller Nexus send e-mails about something else than feedback?

      Surely! Compose any message you want, but follow the Amazon rules obligatory. And here are some examples of how it can be used. Some sellers use template variable for displaying their logo or name to customers for several times. Some of them just use the service for letting a customer know that his product has already arrived or something else. Other sellers prefer to send educational materials to their buyers, such e-mails can contain useful attachments, i.e. e-books or manuals. Also, you can send e-mails for a refund or negative feedback. In general, our service is an automated messaging system that allows to personalize your emails.
    • Can I attach an image to my email?

      Your messages are fully customizable, so you can do it. Amazon allows working with custom HTML while creating an email, so you can include your own images, borders, and so on. It is completely along the Amazon’s guidelines.
    • Can I customize my message?

      The message format is very flexible, so the content can be completely customized. Create a useful, relevant and personal message, let a buyer feel special. Moreover, you can add everything from a client’s name to the shipping info into your emails.
    • How does Amazon treat my emailing to clients?

      Everything is okay with Amazon. We treat clients with a customer support angle and don’t try to make them do something they don’t want. Always remember that Amazon treats your buyers as their OWN buyers, so they allow you to send only 4 email to each person. Seller Nexus sends your messages with the Amazon’s services as if you would send all those messages by yourself in the Seller Central. That’s why we have created all that 100% plug-and-play emails that are along the Amazon’s terms of service. Don’t hesitate to use them!
    • What amount of messages can I send per one order?

      You can send up to 5 emails. Anyway, it doesn't mean that you should use all 5. Practice, as well as different researches, say that sometimes 1-2 emails are more than enough and you just don't need to use all 5. However, you can do it.
    • Can I edit or replace the templates?

      You can do it, because our templates are completely customizable. Seller Nexus flexible editor gives you full control of the content (both text and graphics). You are allowed to use our testing features to check how your own templates work. Compare them, choose the best ones, get nice feedback and reviews!
    • What types of payments do you accept?

      PayPal, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and American Express payments are accepted. Keep in mind that you always have a FREE plan.
    • How does your refund policy work?

      A "no questions asked" policy is available for the first month of using our service. So, you are able to try it without any possible risks.