FBA Small & Light Program: Save Money on Amazon!


Amazon FBA fees may be unpleasant for sellers, this makes unreasonable selling cheap products. Still, this can be avoided with Amazon’s Small and Light program for FBA sellers. Fees are lower for light and small products which are priced under $10. So, are you ready to learn more about new opportunities for you as an FBA seller?


FBA Small and Light Program

The program’s idea is simple, products eligible to it must meet the following criteria:

  • Dimensions smaller than 16” x 9” x 4”
  • Weight lighter than 15 ounces
  • Price under $10.


FBA fees are lower for the program participants. Alternate Prime delivery is also available. The only difference is that they are commonly delivered in 4-5 business days, not in 2 days, as regular Prime orders. Non-Prime users can receive their order in 6-7 days (if the product purchased comes from the FBA Small and Light program).

There is no minimum order (unlike another Amazon’s Add-on $25 order minimum).


Why Should Sellers Use Small and Light?

If you sell small items which cost $10 or less, this Amazon program allows you to grow margins and get more profit, as the fees for this one are reduced.

What’s more, you have a chance to provide customers with free shipping across the US, no matter if they are regular Amazon members or Prime members. If you show your products as ‘Prime eligible’, this means that they will get more exposure among Prime users who are usually more active on Amazon.


If you are on the research stage and just getting started with ideas for your future products, we recommend paying attention to those which can be eligible to the FBA Small and Light program.



To get a quick glance at the costs, take a look at this table from Amazon official site:



You now can see the difference between regular FBA program and the Small and Light program.

Saving money is more visible when someone orders several items. Here is the difference between usual FBA and FBA Small and Light.


For instance, someone has purchased 1 unit:



You see how much costs you have saved as a seller. Next, your customer decides to buy 5 items:



So, you have saved almost 60% of costs you would spend on usual FBA fees. Looks great, doesn’t it?


Useful Tips

If you are striving to make the most with the FBA Small and Light program, check out the following things:


1. Competitive price

This rule is fair for every item on Amazon. Do your research and find out which prices for similar products are the most attractive to customers and the most profitable for sellers.


2. Inventory managing

The most common pitfall is getting out of stock. So, be careful and make sure you have enough items in stock before you have problems with customers or Amazon.


3. Listings improvements

The quality of your listings is what can attract customers, so make sure your descriptions are informative, photos are good-looking. Your customer has to find everything he needs for the decision making, so help them do that.


How to Enroll in FBA Small and Light?

Once you are sure that your product is eligible to this Amazon program, check a couple of additional moments:

  • No hazmat and dangerous goods.
  • No temperature-sensitive products.
  • Only new condition, no used products.
  • ASIN should be completely new or an existing one with 90+ days of sales and 10+ units sold monthly.
  • Products must have Amazon barcodes.
  • They should be packed individually. If it is a bundle, the quantity has to be counted easily.


Once you are sure that your products are a great match for the program, do the following:

  1. Enroll in Amazon FBA. Before participating in Small and Light, enroll in the common FBA program.
  2. Select products you want to sell via the Small and Light program. You can add new ones or modify the existing items.
  3. Enroll in Small and Light. Submit these offers for Amazon’s approval.
  4. Prepare your inventory. Ship your small and light products to Amazon.


That’s all! You are now ready to take part in Amazon’s FBA Small and Light program and can sell tiny items with the greatest margins!