How to Make Your First FBA Shipment


Hi dear new Amazon seller.

If you are here, you are just getting started with the FBA system and how it works. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to make your first FBA shipment. Everything is easier than you expect, so let’s get ready!


#1. Get familiar with Seller Central on Amazon

Once you have signed up as an FBA seller, add your FBA products. Go to ‘Inventory’ and click on ‘Add a Product’.


Specify its UPC code and add all the necessary information about your item. In case you add several products at once, you can use a barcode reader in order not to type in each code. The app will help you save time with the copy-pasting work.


Next, select the necessary products and hit the ‘Action’ tab. Select ‘Change to Fulfilled by Amazon’ there. This will redirect you to another page with item details.


Click on the ‘Convert and Send Inventory’ button, which will take you to the ‘Send/Replenish Inventory’ page.



Type in the number of items you’d like to add to your shipping plan. Next, go to the ‘Prepare Products’ section and select ‘Merchant’ under the column ‘Who preps?’. In fact, Amazon can either prep items for you, but the cost is really expensive. If you want to save money, do that yourself.


The following step after selecting ‘Merchant’ is going to the label products page. Make sure the product description is correct, check the quantities once more.
Find and click on the ‘Print labels for this page’ button, which will generate a PDF file with all your barcodes.

Not all products require a label. Still, Amazon will ask you about what you want:

  • Commingle. This option allows you to get rid of labels but the product will be mingled among your other products.
  • Non-commingle. This option requires printing labels in any case.


After you have got all our labels, starts covering UP codes with them. Next, click on the ‘Continue’ button, which will take you to the tab called ‘Review Shipments’ where you should give a name to your shipment for you to understand which products were shipped.


#2. Get Packaging for Your Products

After your products are registered on Amazon and labelled, think about how you will pack them. There are different options suitable for various product types, sizes, etc.

  • Bubble wrap is a great option for small fragile things - bottles, lotions, shoes, and so on.
  • Plastic wrap is a great choice for products of irregular shape or if products should not collect dust on it.
  • Poly bags are suitable for small items like pens, towels, and other things.
  • Cardboard boxes are usually used by sellers for shipping their goods to Amazon fulfilment centres. Boxes should have 6 sides and be in nice condition.


All kinds of packaging can be found and purchased on the Internet. To save money, try getting them from wholesalers on Alibaba or wholesalers in your country or state.


#3. Pack Your Products

Use bubble wrap and additional layers of packaging for shipping fragile products, or just put your items into a box to make them ready to make their journey to an Amazon warehouse. Note on the box whether there are some ‘FRAGILE’ goods for post and Amazon workers to handle your boxes carefully.


Once you’ve packed your products, go back to Amazon and finish the shipment process. For this, you have to specify the information in the shipment section.



Measure and weigh your box, ensure it weighs less than 50 lbs (= 22.67 kg) and its sides are not bigger than 25 inches (= 63.5 cm). If everything is OK, click on ‘Calculate’ and accept the charges for shipping.

If you have something else to be put into the box, you can cancel the shipping order in 24 hours and make necessary changes.


After you have packed everything and completed the shipment on Amazon, print the shipping labels and stick them to one of box’s side. The stickers should not be glued in the flaps, as workers may be confused while opening your box in the warehouse - the sticker may get cut or even completely destroyed.


#4. Send Your Goods to the Warehouse

You can specify the warehouse or Amazon will send your products randomly to one of them. They commonly choose those warehouses which are the closest to your customers. Still, this can be changed as you want, and your items may be stored together in one place. If you don’t want to split your shipping, pay a $0.30 fee for each item and your boxes will be stored in one Amazon warehouse.

How to do this?

  • Visit Seller Central on Amazon.
  • Go to your ‘Settings’ in the right top part of the screen.
  • Select ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ in the menu.
  • Proceed with ‘Inbound settings’.
  • Change ‘Inventory Placement Options’ as you want.


Great! It is now time to ship your goods to Amazon’s warehouses (or one warehouse) from the nearest UPS store. Take your box with the labels on them and ship your items to Amazon. The company will inform you that the goods are approved for selling as long as they receive your boxes and check everything.