How to Meet the Requirements for Frustration Free Packaging


Amazon tries to improve their service for both customers and sellers, so their next pleasant feature for business owners is certified frustration free packaging. This is aimed at reducing the amount or used packaging materials as this kind of package is recyclable.
In this article, we are going to tell you about what frustration free packaging from Amazon is.


How This Looks Like?

Anyone can use Amazon frustration free packaging. The product inside is the same, just a box will be different. For example, a customer wants to make a gift, a surprise, so they don’t want someone to see the item pictured on the gift box.
For such situations, there is an option named “Ship in Amazon box”. No additional fees are charged from a shopper. This is all thanks to certified frustration free packaging by Amazon.
What’s more, a person who receives the box doesn’t need to unpack manufacturers’ packaging that may be difficult sometimes. You may know the phenomenon of ‘wrap rage’. :)

frustration free packaging image1


Why Frustration Free Packaging?

As we mentioned before, this kind of packaging helps us both to get rid of ‘wrap rage’ and take care of ecology, as its materials are natural. This kind of boxes are user- and environmentally friendly.
Amazon is mainly concentrated on its function - safe shipping of products and simplicity of usage.

As a seller, you can be sure that using certified frustration free packaging won’t negatively affect your sales, on the contrary, it can help you increase profits. People are becoming more attentive to their own convenience and to our environment, so in more than half of situations, customers would select Amazon frustration free packaging.

Unfortunately, Amazon is not accepting submissions to this program at the moment, but we hope that this will change soon. Meanwhile, we can learn what benefits this frustration free packaging program offers!


Benefits of Frustration Free Packaging to Customers

We mentioned that Amazon certified frustration free packaging can boost your sales, but how can it happen? Thanks to its visible benefits, shoppers pay more attention to it and always keep in mind this option.

  1. It comes with a more fascinating customer experience. People can easily open a box and they don’t need a cutter or a knife for that.
  2. What’s more, there is much less waste left after opening this kind of box, compared to regular packagings.
  3. There is also a guarantee that items will come to a customer undamaged and safe. Amazon follows the ISTA-3A standard for all their certified frustration free packaging. Boxes are resistant to vibrations or drops.


Benefits of Amazon Frustration Free Packaging to Sellers

We have discussed why it is advantageous for customers, let’s explore the sellers’ point of view:

  1. Amazon says that those sellers who are participating in this program can notice a growth in their sales. People trust Amazon and their technology of packaging manufacturing. Shoppers seek for this popular option and most likely will order a product if it is shipped in a safe package. People also will be happier with their orders and will more likely post positive feedbacks or reviews.
  2. Sellers who ship their products in certified frustration free packaging, won’t need to replace products, as accidental damage of goods occurs very rarely. The packaging is well-tested by Amazon and its quality is proven.
  3. Sellers can save money spent on packaging, as Amazon’s production is already streamlined.


What Is About Environment?

We told you that Amazon frustration free packaging is easy to open, it is cheap and damage-resistant, but it is also environmentally-friendly. The materials are fully recyclable. You see, this kind of packaging is great not for only the customers and sellers, but also for our entire planet.

Finally, if you decided to participate in this program, check out these links of the Amazon site: