Amazon Choice Badge: How to Get It?


There are a lot of opportunities for sellers on the Amazon marketplace. So, let’s learn more about another chance to stand out and find out what is Amazon's choice badge. This is an award given to certain sellers. Only products sold via Amazon Echo eligible for this award.

Amazon Alexa and Echo AI let customers reorder products they have already purchased in the past.

People give the device a voice command, Alexa looks for Amazon’s Choice products in the catalog and makes suggestions to Amazon Prime customers.

Today, the demand for Echo and Alexa devices is very high, so this means a great sales opportunity. So, you might be wondering how to get Amazon’s choice badge, how it differs from the Best-seller badge and other Amazon awards. Let’s shed the light on these questions.


How to Get Amazon’s Choice Badge

In fact, we don’t possess the information about how to get that award, as Amazon keeps that in secret. They have their own Choice list and no one knows how to become their choice. People don’t know much about how Echo chooses recommended brands and products. Still, we know some attributes which Amazon takes into account while searching for recommendations:

  • Positive rating,
  • Reasonable prices,
  • High sales volume,
  • Fast shipping.


These 4 features play the main role in the final Amazon's decision regarding their choice badge. Now you see the difference between Amazon's choice and Best-seller badges, as not all best sellers can become Amazon’s choice and get their badge.

Amazon can also consider seller feedback and low return rate while searching for a brand on Amazon’s choice. Still, these factors are not so much important as those listed above.

There are some practices when sellers try to cheat the system and play dirty, for example, submitting fake negative feedback for their competitors and bumping up own rates. We assume this practice could come back if Amazon would take reviews and feedback into consideration while looking for brands and products which will receive Amazon’s Choice badge.

Shipping is also an important factor. Amazon Prime guarantees fast shipping to customers, so this point is crucial for Echo choice catalogs.


Is Amazon’s Choice Badge for Major Brands Only?

As we have noticed, Amazon seems to try making well-known brands available to shoppers. Sure, this is not very good news for small businesses which strive to get into Amazon's choice list. However, Amazon makes major brands more accessible for Prime users, leaving less-known brands and products behind.

Another news (a good one) is that Amazon has generated lots of sales on the top of their interests. If some product is popular, they will certainly make its purchase easier for buyers. If the process of purchasing is simple, more people will buy it. They hope that people will make more and more orders through Alexa, and why leave home if you can shop right away and take advantage of fast shipping as an Amazon Prime user?


Other Things to Know about Amazon's choice

So, as you can see, the only concern for small sellers is reputation. Keep in mind Amazon’s “customer first” approach. They always try to suggest the best solution to shoppers. So, Amazon chooses for giving the Choice badge only brands with an exceptional reputation.

You should also remember that Amazon doesn’t include some categories into the Amazon’s choice list. These are:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Prime Now
  • Prime Pantry
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Watches

We are not aware whether these restrictions are permanent or not. There is a chance that after the Amazon’s Choice program evolves, they will make changes to this list.

So, as a small online business, you might have not great chances to be featured as Amazon’s Choice and get their badge, but this is a great motivation to grow your brand and develop the product assortment. Maybe one day you’ll be there!