How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon: Tips for 2019


Years pass and reviews are still important for Amazon sellers. Getting more feedback has become one of the main goals of many entrepreneurs. In this article, we are going to share a list of actionable tips on how to get more product reviews in 2019.


1. Packaging Inserts

We were discussing this topic recently. This method really works and its effectiveness is nearly as high as autoresponders’. Follow the link specified above to learn more about how to use product inserts and what to mention in them.

Be careful, as Amazon keeps their eye on what you send to your customers, so never ask for positive feedback. Better ask your customer to share their honest impressions.


Many merchants don’t use this method, though it can be extremely helpful when asking for feedback. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a good time to do this right away.


2. Get the Right Timing

Always know when the product reaches your customer and ask for feedback after a day or two passes, so the customer will have a chance to test how your product works and whether he/she is happy with it. Don’t also send your clients an email with the feedback query after 2 weeks from the arrival moment pass.


If you use an autoresponder like Seller Nexus, the software will do that for you and send everything to your customers on time.


3. Point Out Important Things

Don’t tell customers that you need your feedback for your own needs. Tell them that their reviews will help other shoppers to make the final decision, or that you use reviews to improve the quality of the products and their customer experience. Don’t be egoistic and show people that you are ready to take care of their needs.


4. Sell More to Get More Reviews

The more products you sell, the more feedback you can get. Make your customer happy to purchase your items with discounts. Offer promos and other attractive things. All this increases your chances of getting tons of product reviews.


5. Take Part in ‘Early Reviewer’ Program

Sellers on Amazon know how it can be hard to get first reviews is you are a newbie. Amazon understands this and doesn’t leave such new sellers aside. They offer a special ‘Early Reviewer’ program for new business owners to have a change for growing their online shops.


Sellers who have registered brands and less than 5 reviews are allowed to take part in the program. The participation in it costs $60, but this price is reasonable, as reviews increase your sales.


6. Contact People Who Have Left Seller Feedback

If your customer has left seller feedback, they would possibly like to write a product review for you. Email them and ask whether they would like to leave a product review. Be polite and mention the importance of their reviews for other customers.


7. Ask People Whom You Provided Support

People who have received help from you will be more ready to write a product review if you ask them to do this. They have already been engaged in interacting with your product.


8. Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also be used in getting more reviews. Still, before asking for that, research how people react to such queries in each social network. For instance, people on Reddit don’t like promotional texts, so keep an eye on how you word your sentences. Each social network has its own sort of etiquette.


9. Work with Repeat Customers

If new customers are not loyal yet, those who have made 2 or more purchases from you are aware of your brand and the high quality of your products. So, ask them to share this information in product reviews. People who make repeat purchases can be called loyal sometimes and they are ready to spread the word about things they like.


10. Use Special Software

As we mentioned above, using automated software like our autoresponder makes the whole process easier. The program tracks orders and their delivery and sends an email after a trigger works. You set those triggers yourself. After everything is done, you just sit back and watch how happy customers write product reviews.