How to Grow Your Reputation on Amazon


Sellers are aware that not only the first impression about their brand is important but the whole reputation is crucial too. Amazon takes into account ratings, feedback and other things to know that you’re providing outstanding customer experience. Otherwise, shops which don’t manage to do that, can be suspended or even banned. A good reputation also affects sales - the more people know about the high quality of your products, the more shoppers will buy from you. It works like a word of mouth.


Why Does Reputation Matter on Amazon?

Purchasing online is different from offline shopping, as you can’t evaluate the thing you want. The only information you possess comes from the description, photos, and other people’s reviews and feedback. The more happy customers a brand has, the more reputable it will be in eyes of new clients.

We have already discussed ratings, reviews, and feedback, still, if you care about your reputation, answer the following questions:

  • Do you usually respond to customers’ questions in 24 hours?

  • Do you make high-quality and lifestyle photos or infographics for your products?

  • Do you promote your brand in other places than Amazon (for example, in social media)?

  • Do you take into account customers’ feedback while making improvements to your products?

  • Do you create detailed and useful descriptions which attract customers’ attention?

  • Do you know what makes your product outstanding among all other similar products?


This is a short list of questions every seller taking care of their reputation has to answer. The more you care about the quality of your product and services, the more attention you pay to customer experience, the more happy and loyal clients you’ll get.


Keep in mind that Amazon itself cared about customer experience the most, so this is the way to pleasing both customers and Amazon which will possibly rate your higher among other sellers.


Does Reputation Metrics Exist?

There may be no exact reputation metrics, still, you can measure this phenomenon. For example, your reviews score and their overall number can tell you about your seller reputation on Amazon.

Still, don’t be over-focused on their quantity - the quality is of paramount importance. Only 4-star and 5-star reviews tell other shoppers that your product is worth buying.

The contents are as important as the number of stars. If people say that they are happy and they would come for more or recommend your brand to their friends, this is a good sign for your reputation.


What if you got negative feedback? First, don’t panic. The second thing to do is reading our guide on dealing with negative feedback on Amazon. You’ll find tips there and will know how to turn unsatisfied angry customers into loyal clients.


Here are more details of growing your seller ratings. 5 actionable tips for 2019 are inside.


We also have an article about how to get more feedback on Amazon with emailing your customers.


Don’t Hurry Up While Growing Reputation

Improving your reputation from the 'zero point' is a hard process, as there are dozens of other Amazon sellers willing to take your place. So, not to let them overcome you, keep in mind 3 easy points which you can repeat one by one:

  • Always answer customers’ questions in 24 hours. If you can’t do that yourself, delegate this task to your assistant or colleague. This is really important when it comes to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Respond to customers’ reviews, no matter whether they are negative or positive. Thank them for ordering your product and taking time for creating their review. If someone has negative impressions, try to work with them and turn your customer into a happy one.

  • Stay active on other communication channels and in social media. Engage your future customers in interesting and attractive activities, try to reach a wide audience. In general, such channels help people find what they want.



Don’t Hesitate to Ask People for Feedback

People tend to share negative feedback rather than positive. Still, if you are sure that your quality is high, ask them to share their honest impressions.

Still, be careful, as Amazon constantly changes their rules, so don’t be over-promotional in your messages.

Here are some ideas about how to ask customers for feedback and be compliant with Amazon’s guidelines.