How Autoresponder Works | Email Course. Part 7


Many of our guests are searching for easy solutions of collecting tons of positive reviews ask us how autoresponder helps in Amazon business. Some people even think that our software automatically creates fake feedback or something else, but NO!

We don’t act against Amazon TOS and never use illegal ways to collect reviews for our clients.

All our actions are TOS compliant and our business is completely honest. We are going to shed the light on how we help our clients grow for you to have no doubts that everything we do is both legal and effective.


What is Autoresponder?

The goal of this kind of software is clear from its name — this is an app that automatically responds to your clients’ actions. Most commonly, it sends emails to customers who have just made an order or who have already received their orders.

There are special triggers which the app reacts to. You choose the customer’s action to which the autoresponder should send an email, set the sending time, create customized text with variables, and shoppers receive personalized friendly messages about their orders.

So, it saves you time and money, as you don’t need to write every message to new customers by hands and can dedicate that time to developing your business.


How Does Autoresponder Help Sellers?

1. Saving time and money

As long as the app handles everything for you, everything you need is to just set it correctly and watch the results. You will have more free time for creating interesting ideas both for your emails (texts, images or various attachments) and the whole business.

This helps to concentrate on growing the conversion rate and getting more profit from sales rather than on emailing your customers. That’s how autoresponders can help sellers save time and money.


2. Building relationships with the audience

Personalized and friendly emails tell your customers that you care about their experience on Amazon and want to improve it. This helps sellers build trust between them and shoppers.

Psychologists state that people tend to buy from sellers of which they have the best impressions. It is always pleasant to know that someone is interested in whether your needs are fulfilled, and follow-up emails let sellers show their interest.


3. Growing loyalty

With trust, random shoppers become loyal customers. They keep in mind brands that provided exceptional customer experience and, according to marketers’ studies, tend to make repeat purchases. This is convenient — people are sure that they will get what they want but not something else. They are confident about the quality of already familiar products, they know that shipping is fast.

These are your loyal customers and they are coming back for more.


4. Solving problems at the early stage

Follow-up emails should not only inform your customers about their orders but also aim for solving any possible problems prior to reporting them directly to Amazon.

If something goes wrong, an angry customer can submit a report about that to Amazon, which will take severe actions to a seller. Customer experience is everything on Amazon, so they commonly stay on customer’s side, even if the issue is minor.

To save yourself from solving small problems that will surely grow from the perspective of Amazon’s point of view, find out whether your customers are happy with their orders. In another case, you will contact Amazon’s support and ask them to remove the limitations caused by users’ reports.


At Seller Nexus, we do it the following way:

  • To report any problems or issues, send a reply to this email and we will get back to you right away.
  • We hope that everything will go smoothly. Nevertheless, if there are any issues or problems with [[product-name]], please [[contact-link:contact us]] so we can find a solution to it right away.
  • Could you please let us know whether the delivery was successful and you are happy with the order?


5. Influencing ratings

This is the part most of you are interested in. How can an autoresponder influence ratings, if sellers can’t ask for positive feedback? Can sellers be sure that they will receive only positive reviews, not negative ones?

Well, everything depends on your product and the quality of customer support. People won’t complain about the excellent quality and exceptional service. Follow-ups will encourage them to leave feedback and rate their experience with you.


Though Amazon prohibits ALL marketing activities, you can ask for a review in a polite and unbiased way. Here is what we do in our Seller Nexus templates:

  • We value our customers’ opinions and feedback, and we’re sure that other buyers would enjoy and benefit from your experiences and observations. You can share your impressions in a review.
    [[product-review-link: Share your thoughts here]]
  • Could you take a quick moment and write an honest review for [[product-name]]? Thank you! Authentic feedback from our customers is really important to our small business and we appreciate it very much.
  • Follow this link [[product-review-link]] to share your thoughts. We are looking forward to discovering more about your experience!


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