How to Create Email Campaign in 2 Minutes | Email Course. Part 8


Dear friends,

we have finally come to the end of our mini-course on creating best emails on Amazon!

In this article, we are going to sum up everything from previous parts and get started. This is a great chance to collect all your thoughts in one place and create your first email campaign!


Creating Email Campaign in Seller Nexus

First of all, we will show you how to create email templates from scratch. If you want to use ready-made templates, skip to the next part of our article.

  1. Log into your Seller Nexus account to access the functionality of our service. Only users who have synced their Amazon Seller account have the full access to autoresponder and other Seller Nexus features.
  2. Visit ‘Autoresponder’ at the left top panel, select ‘Message templates’ or follow this link.

  3. If you don’t have any templates, our system will suggest creating a new autoresponder template.

    Click on this button, which will take you to the page where your first email template can be created.
  4. Next, you should fill its information (subject line, text, etc). Here is what you will see:

    - Template Status
    is the current status of your template. It can be Active or Inactive. As soon as you switch the status of your template to Active, our system will immediately start sending emails according to the template's terms.
    - Template Name
    is the name of your template. It exists only for the ease of distinguishing it from other templates stored in your account. This field is not visible to your customers.
    - Email Subject
    is the subject line of the letter that your buyer will receive. Use tips we shared with you in our 2nd article on this mini-course.
    - Email Content
    is the body of an email your buyer will receive. You can use both plain text and HTML to design your email. Check out our articles #3 and #4 to see what can be mentioned here.
  5. Attach File of the maximum size of 7 MB. Keep in mind everything we discussed in article #5 to get the most from your attachments.
  6. Except for the text itself, you can use customizable variables, which will be replaced by the necessary information in each specific situation.

  7. If you create your email template from scratch, you should always be Amazon TOS compliant. Find their overview in our 6th article dedicated to crucial emailing rules on Amazon. The details can be discovered on the official site: Amazon's Allowed HTML &  Amazon's Prohibited Seller Activities To find more details.
  8. After you have issued your email letter and checked that everything looks great, you can configure its delivery to your customers. This is a quite vast topic, so find the details in Seller Nexus Knowledge base. Only registered users have access to those manuals, so please log in before proceeding.


How to Use Ready-Made Templates

This way is great for sellers who want to spend no more than a couple of minutes on creating their email campaign. We guarantee high quality and Amazon TOS compliance of every Seller Nexus template. We have created them in accordance with the business needs, so you can feel free to use them whenever it is necessary.

  1. Find the button ‘Templates Library’ in the ‘Autoresponder’ section. Clicking on it will take you to the templates library.

  2. In the library of templates, find the one you need. They are distinguished by goals, which you can filter. See green buttons in the screenshot: ‘Order delivered’ or ‘Seller feedback’, clicking on one of them will bring all the templates for the chosen topic. 

    You can view full template texts and select the most suitable one.
  3. Here is how a ready-made template looks like. You can notice that templates already include variables that are going to be replaced with the information from your Seller Central. 

    Click ‘Copy to My Templates’ and feel free to edit it as a usual template. 
    Voila! Your first email campaign can be started right away! :)


The greatest thing about these templates is that you can spend very few time on starting a campaign. Only a couple of clicks is needed from you. However, as long as you copy a template to the list of your emails, you are free to edit its text and other contents, add images and attachments. Improve and personalize our templates, make them creative to get the most from autoresponder’s work.

We hope you will be happy with your email campaigns and they will bring your business to a new level of communication with customers!

If you have questions or suggestions, contact our support team via online chat, our social groups or by email.


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