All You Need to Make Your First Delivery with Amazon FBA


You probably know all the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon service, because your Amazon business also benefits a lot from this opportunity. Your products will be stored on Amazon warehouses, where the company's employees will serve your customers at the highest level. All processes with Amazon FBA are fully automated so, that the loss of products is excluded. Any product can be found very fast on the Amazon warehouse, because it has its special code.

Thus, the whole shipment process and logistics, from the packing of the products to the packaging, is carried out by the Amazon employees. This will free you time that you can use to promote your business with some other ways. What remains for you as to the Amazon seller? You will only monitor the quantity of products in your personal account and order new products.

Moreover, this service increases the number of your customers, since the products marked as FBA have more special delivery conditions. For example, free shipping when ordering for a certain amount of product.


Task 1: Go to the ‘Seller Central Dashboard’ on Amazon

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You need to add the FBA to your account first. Then, register any of your products or several of them as an FBA. Click on the ‘Inventory’ tab in the menu and select the 'Add a Product' option.

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Here you will need to specify the product UPC number. In case you need to add several products at once, use the bar code reader, which works automatically. Also there is an excellent application on smartphone, which is called ‘Barcode Reader’. This saves  greatly the registration time and will help you to move quickly to the next step. You will copy and submit them almost immediately.

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Now select the needed products and click on the ‘Action’ option. Here you need to click on the 'Change to FBA' tab. This action will redirect you to a new page where you will see all the basic details about your product.

Select the ‘Convert and Send Inventory' option. After completing this step, you will be moved to a new 'Send or Replenish Inventory' page. Since you are here for the first time, you will have to choose the 'Create a Shipping Plan' option.

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Determine the exact number of your products that you plan to include in the delivery by Amazon. Go to the 'Prepare Products' tab and select 'Merchant' right next to the column called 'Who preps'. Of course, Amazon can do it for you, but it will be really much more expensive. Therefore, it’s better to deal with these issues by your own.

So, here you have worked with the ‘Merchant prep’ function and now your task is to print the product labels. Before doing this, make sure that the product description and its quantity is correct. Correct the error, if a discrepancy is found. You will see the option 'Print labels' and after clicking on it, a PDF document with all barcodes of your products will be downloaded to your computer. Check again whether all label sheets are correct. Only after that print them.

However, not all products have to be marked with a label. This mainly applies to commingle items. Since this is your first time, Amazon will ask you a few questions about the product types:

  • Commingle products. You can’t print labels, but in that case your products risk getting lost with the products of other sellers.
  • Non-commingle products. You need to print labels. Personally, I would recommend that you use this option. So, you will be sure that the customer has received your product without its lower quality, which can create you lots of problems in the form of later bad reviews.

So, here is where the product labeling process begins! Check, if all UPC codes are marked by your labels. This is very important at this stage, since Amazon employees will be sure that they deliver only your products to the customer. Click on the ‘Continue’ option and open the tab called 'Review shipment'. Here you need to name your delivery. It’s best to use the most accurate and concise characteristics of your product in the title.

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Task 2: Prepare Your Product for Packaging

So, congratulations! Your product is already registered and labeled! Now it's time for the packing. You need to get all the necessary materials for proper packaging. Amazon offers several options that suit you depending on the size of the product.

  1. Bubble Wrap. Suitable for small products. For example, shower gels, hair conditioners or even shoes. Also you can buy similar products in UPS stores, as there are a lot of them. Or just go to the local shops. I recommend you to buy such products in bulk.
  2. Plastic Wrap. Suitable for larger objects that have an irregular shape. Such packaging helps the dust not to accumulate on the product. Such a package is not so easy to open as the previous one, so the size of such products should be larger.
  3. Poly Bags. Ideal for small items such as pens, pencils, towels or some clothes. It’s better to buy also in bulk, saving your money. You can also buy small boxes, bags and wrappers separately, which is also convenient.
  4. Boxes. Chosen the most for the delivery to the FBA centers. Keep in mind that the box should be in good condition. Boxes must have 6 sides, withstand medium pressure and must fall from a three-foot height without damaging the products. Use tape or staples, if it opens.

You can also purchase good boxes from eBay or Amazon. A great option is to pack the products in already used boxes, especially if you rarely pack products in boxes. Address grocery store and ask, if they have any unnecessary and free ones, then make the purchase of such boxes.

You will also need to print ‘Do Not Separate’ or ‘Fragile’ labels for some products, if you want to preserve its integrity. Use blank sheets and a printer to make this. For example, Laser Jet, Inkjet or Dymo label printers. The last one is really the best for these purposes.

Buy the right type of stickers for the printer to get the right formatting of labels.

Fill in the empty space in your boxes. Use old logs, but be careful! This can also negatively affect your products. Better use clean sheets to fill the empty spaces. Then your products will be clean.


Task 3: Pack Your Products

I use blank sheets and newsprints for depreciation. Fragile products are packaged in a bubble pack and labeled ‘Fragile’ to ensure that Amazon workers are working carefully with your product.

You still need to enter some information in the delivery section.

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You need to weigh the box, as well as measure it. It should weigh no more than fifty lbs, and each side of the box should be no more than twenty-five inches. Click on the 'Calculate’ option, review all conditions and accept them. Maybe you still want to add something to your delivery. Then you will have 24 hours left to cancel the order or change it.

Print out the labels and place them on one of the biggest sides of the box. But don’t paste them on in the flaps, because in the FBA centers people open the box right here in order to check the products.


Task 4: Send the Products to Amazon Warehouse

You can choose the desired Amazon warehouse, but if you don’t, Amazon will distribute your items closer to the address indicated by the customer. In this case, your products will probably not be stored together, but separately. To store all them together, you should specify one center. Doing this, you also pay 30 cents for each product. In this case, all your products will be placed in one warehouse. Maybe you will be calmer in that case.

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Go back to the ‘Amazon Seller Central’ page and go to the ‘Settings’. In the top menu select the 'Fulfillment by Amazon' option and select ‘Inbound’ settings. To change them, click on ‘Inventory Placement’ options.

Now you only need to place on your products shipping labels and send your packages to the nearest UPS store. You've done it! Now your products are in the hands of Amazon FBA employees, who will do everything for you. Amazon, in turn, will notify you by email the time of receiving your products and when it’s ready to start sending it to your customers.

As you can see, it's quite simple and fast! The results from working with the Amazon FBA service will really surprise you soon!