What is Manufacturer Part Number for Amazon Sellers


If you have ever searched for some tools or electronics, maybe some replacement part for your car or home, even if you were looking for DIY projects parts or hacks, you know how confusing may be such a process. It can seem easy to find a part, but in fact, a slight difference in the size may be a great problem. This is the situation when a manufacturer part number or an MPN number is your saver.

Online shopping makes getting these items easier, for example, you can get the necessary part on Amazon, eBay or even Alibaba, but you have to make sure that it will fit your car/home or whatever.

For shoppers’ convenience, there are MPNs specified by Amazon sellers, so you can be sure that you purchase exactly what you need. The bad news it that using part numbers on Amazon still hasn’t become a widespread practice, and not all sellers list a manufacturer product number for each item. However, we believe that the progress is obvious and finding the correct detail is getting much easier every year.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the details and discover what is an MPN number, how to find it, and how to search for the best matches to your queries.


What Is MPN number?

So, a manufacturer product number is a special identifier ser by the producer with the goal of differentiating it from all the other parts including counterfeits. It helps producers and sellers manage products in stock and knowing that they sell original parts of high quality.
On Amazon, MPN manufacturer part number is optional and sellers can include this number into their listing. However, it is not obligatory like in case with SKUs.


What Are Benefits of Using MPN?

  1. Conversion. A specific piece of equipment or replacement part can be found easier by an MPN specified for a product. It helps users find parts they need and be sure that this is what they were searching for. A shopper knows what he needs and you offer them what they need. Simple!
  2. Discoverability. Manufacturer part numbers are tracked both by Amazon and Google, so no matter how your future customer looks for a part, he/she will find it anywhere in search engines. This can increase your conversions as well.
  3. No returns or very few returns. If your product is of high quality, you will get no returns, as people need parts for specific purposes and they won’t have any reason to return them if the quality is really great.
  4. Returning customers. There are a lot of serious enthusiasts who enjoy doing DIY things or who repair cars as a hobby, or do home improvements. This is your target audience in case you sell parts. Provide them with a great customer experience and they will keep returning for more items!
  5. Positive reviews. Such enthusiasts are active people who don’t hesitate to leave positive reviews. They have specific demands to a product and they appreciate it when goods are really great.

So, MPN numbers help sellers find the target audience, get more sales and even grow ratings.


Get More out of Using MPNs!

If your goods can include manufacturer part numbers, catch this opportunity! Still, you can go further than just adding an MPN to your listing.

  1. Double check whether you have specified the correct MPN for your product as shoppers will be confused to find some home repairs tool instead of creative DIY tape.
  2. You can add an MPN not only to its special field but to bullet points or even the title. Use it exactly in the same way the manufacturer does (with dashes, dots, etc.)
  3. Include a manufacturer part number to photos. This will tell your customers that it is what they are searching for, so they don’t have any doubts. Just for more confidence!
  4. List all products compatible with this part. This will help you increase traffic and conversions if that part can be used for several products.

As you see, using MPNs helps customers get rid of guesswork and helps sellers increase conversions and growing their loyal audience.

To finish with a manufacturer part number example, we added a screenshot:

mpn amazon image1

You now know how to find na MPN number and you can use it like it is shown on the example.
We hope that MPNs on Amazon will boost your business!