The Best Ideas for Amazon Product Bundling


Hello, dear readers!

I'm glad to see you on my blog again. Today, I'll tell you why product bundling is a brilliant idea for boosting your sales and the overall profits!

Bundling is an option that gives you a chance for creating a unique product for the Amazon catalog. If your bundle is unique, it means that you will be the only seller with the Buy Box that always goes for individual product bundles.

You will get the awaited Buy Box in case you follow all the Amazon policies regarding bundles. Here it is...

product bundling amazon image2

Note, that this is just a General policy. Check the Detailed policy to find out if you create a bundle along their rules.

One thing more! Before we proceed, let's learn what 'product bundling' doesn't mean:

It is not multipacks

Don't mix up multipacks with bundles, as this can lead to great troubles with Amazon.

Multipack means having several pieces of the same item in one package (5 black shirts, for instance), or versions of an item with one SKU (5 similar shirts of various colors).

If you're going to sell a multipack as a bundle, be prepared to the punishment from Amazon.


What is a proper bundle in the Amazon's view?

The detailed guidelines I noticed before say that bundles have to include items packed together that should ease or enhance the customer experience.

A new UPC should be created for a new bundle. Please don't add generic items into bundles, because this may confuse your clients.

This is the way Amazon breaks bundling down:

product bundling amazon image3

The bad news is that there is no opportunity of editing your bundle after creating it. Alternatively, you can create a new one with the necessary changes.

You can also list your bundles just in 1 category.

I advise you to list it on a higher priced category.

Here are the 'Returns and warranties' rules that you need to keep in mind:

product bundling amazon image1

Here is a link to the Amazon Help page where you can get all the information on the titles and descriptions structure for bundles.

Finally, we got to some really nice stuff!

Here are the rules for content and images you should keep in mind:

  1. You should use the 'bundle' word and write how many there are items in your bundle in the product title. For example: "Bundle - 2 items: Socks and Leggings of the red color".
  2. The feature bullet may consist of the number of items and identify them. The description may consist this information too. You should also add the details about color, size, model number and so on.
  3. The main photo is an advertising one and has to include all the products you have in the bundle. Don't picture just 'representative items', but picture all of them for your customers to see what is there.
  4. Be careful and attentive while adding pictures to your bundle, cause you won't be able to edit it, as I've mentioned before.

What are benefits of bundling?

One-way ticket to owning the Buy Box is just one benefit, but the list can be still continued. If some items are not popular and don't fly off the shelves, bundling them with a bestseller can help to get rid of them.

Imagine we sold guitars, they would surely be sold easier, if they went in a bundle with guitar cases or a special polish. Popular guitar would be taken with less popular polish of case. Moreover, such little bonuses increase the 'value' of the item in the customer's eyes. They are always enjoying getting some additional items.

The last thing is attaching a premium price to the bundle, so your profits can boost more than if you sold all those things individually.

Owning the Buy Box

Search for your bundle after you've created it. If you did everything correctly, you'll notice that your bundle is nestled in the useful and wished Buy Box.

If other sellers don't copy your exact bundling technique, the Buy Box will be only yours.

So, think of what products will look attractively in a bundle to save this prime position constantly.


Additional tips on Amazon product bundling:

If your bundle is going to be matched to some already existing listing, make sure that items are the same. Don't change the bundle components. Or, create a new listing for your bundle, if something is not similar.

Keep in mind that in case your bundle is original, you can ask Amazon to delete the competitors' bundles copies from yours.

Bundling is not the edge, but it is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to own the BuyBox and stand out from all their competitors.

So, I hope that this article will be in use for you. See you later on my blog! ;)