How to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle and Protect Your Rights


If you are interested in publishing your own Kindle book, you’ve come to the right place. Publishing a book is always exciting, no matter whether it is your first book or not.


Entrepreneurs can use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish own books and selling them. Why not make money this way? What’s more, the KDP system has its benefits of not dealing with agents, impersonal publishers and different unprofessional editors who can completely rewrite your book.

As a self-publisher, you are responsible for everything in your book:

  • Writing.
  • Editing.
  • Illustrations.
  • Formatting.
  • Marketing.
  • Protecting your rights.


Many sellers ask: “How to self publish on Amazon Kindle?”. Everything is simple and we are now going to tell you how to publish a book on Kindle. Sit back and enjoy!


How to Publish a Book on Kindle

Here are the details about publishing your book via the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system.

After you have completed your book, login to your Amazon account and proceed with ‘Add new title’ where you will have to enter your book’s title.


Next, follow these steps:

1. Enter Your Book Details

The audience should be attracted by the details about your Kindle book. Provide them with the essential information which includes:

  • Title. Your book’s title should be unique, attractive and brief. It is the first thing your customers notice except your book’s cover image. If your title makes people stop and have a more detailed look at your book, you’re on the right way. You can experiment with different titles, ask your friends to vote for the best one. Imagine that you’re a shopper, what title would glue your attention to it?
  • Description. Many sellers make a mistake when they don’t write a proper description for their book in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The description should be lengthy and high-quality. Readers don’t buy books only thanks to a great cover and attractive title. Tell them what your book is about, why they should choose it but not some other book, what is your book’s value. The more information you tell potential customers in the description, the higher your chances to convert them into loyal happy customers. Help them make a decision, list all the benefits of your book.
  • Age, grade ranges. If your book is niche or age-specific, you should specify that.
  • Contributors. Book’s author or several co-authors. You should also credit illustrators, editors, translators, and everyone who participated in creating your book submitted to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Language. The main language or the language of the translation.
  • Category or sub-category. Select specific niche categories for your book to show up in. This will help people find it by their settings.

Still, don’t hurry up to go live with your book in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system! Upload and preview you Kindle book before publishing it.

Also, check your book in Amazon’s Digital Rights service which helps publishers prevent copying your texts. This tool also allows sellers to preview their Kindle books. So, you have an opportunity to see the book in the way it will be seen by customers.



2. Establish your Price and Rights

Firstly, confirm your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing rights. Amazon will ask you 2 questions during the publishing process:

  • Verify your publishing rights (whether the book your original material or public domain).
  • Verify your publishing territories (selected ones or worldwide).


Most self-publishers usually own the rights worldwide, so you can sell your book in all countries of the world where Amazon is present.


What about pricing your book in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system, you have to choose a royalty option first. Next, select the price for the book in USD. The currency will be converted automatically depending on the market. Also, you can set different prices for each market individually.


So, that’s all! You now know how to self publish on Amazon Kindle and are ready to show your first own book to the world!

Nevertheless, we are not done yet and there are some more details about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to discuss.


Amazon has incentives for people whose books cost from $2.99 to $9.99, they pay them maximum royalty of 70%. You can also try different prices to see which ones work better for your customers to grow your revenues. So, your main goals as for self-publisher in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing are:

  • Maximizing the royalty percentages.
  • Maximizing the sales number.


The Bottom Line

After submitting a book, give Amazon 12 hours until it appears online available for purchasing.

If you already have a print version of your book in stock, Amazon will automatically add its digital version to it. If they don’t, contact the support team via Author Central and ask for help. With this, your reviews, sales and so on will be combined for both printed and digital versions.


If you don’t have a printed version yet, Amazon’s Kindle publisher offers a service for printing books.

Also, what authors need to know is that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing lets people make corrections to their books anytime if they notice some typos or mistakes.


You now see how easy one can publish a book via Amazon Kindle Direct. So, if you have unpublished books, go on and get the most from selling them on Amazon!