Receive Thousands of Dollars Back as a Compensation from Amazon!


I bet you don’t guess that Amazon owes its sellers a great deal of money worth hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Amazon manages the greater part of our stock just as the Amazon sellers do. Though there are some situations when only Amazon could take the inventory status under its control and see the things going on more properly.  

In case of mistakes or carelessness from Amazon, there are specific policies that could provide help and return money back to the seller. However, the issue is that policy system itself doesn’t return money to the sellers back. It means that many of us don't generally succeed as they could and don’t get their own financial resources as it’s supposed by the rules.

Thus, we need to check our personal accounts from time to time to see whether our inventory has been lost, harmed, or maybe crushed. All the money lost by Amazon’s fault should be regained to Amazon accounts.


Get your Money Back with Seller Central Reports!

It’s one of the tools that can help you in getting your money back. You’ll be surprised what you still have to see!

Here you’ll find some categories: Stranded, Reserved Inventory, Adjustment types of inventory and many other different ones.

Investigate the power of Amazon report opportunities. This procedure looks familiar to reimbursement of taxes. It’s the way to take more legally what is surely beneficial for self-employed Amazon sellers.


Discover Inventory Damaged by Amazon

All Amazon stockrooms are enormous! Great amount of apparatus and also other many people dealing with our items. Things can undoubtedly get harmed while the fulfilling process.

The report example: Inventory Adjustments

Today, I want to demonstrate you such kind of report for harmed stock.    

There are a lot of ways to use it, but I will tell you the most effective one. It’s a well ordered proper methodology that I’d experienced on my own, so take benefits. You’ll require Amazon for the item’s repayments that haven’t been repaid till today.  

Their procedure lies in obligatory repaying us for a thing that has been deteriorated during the following ten days. Shockingly, it doesn’t happen as often as we would wish.  

Let’s look what an Amazon seller should do to get reimbursed on Amazon damaged inventory.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Make a way through: ‘Reports’, ‘Fulfillment’, ‘Inventory’, ‘Show More’ and finally ‘Inventory Adjustments’.
  2. Choose the ‘Damaged’ type in ‘Reason Group’ and choose an appropriate for you ‘Event date’, for example, the last year or 30 days.
    receive thousands dollars back compensation amazon image5
  3. Then click ‘Generate Report’. You’ll see all your items which could be indicated as ‘Damaged’ or ‘Transferred’. For your convenience, copy the information and paste it to a Google sheet to see it more clearly which one Amazon has reimbursed and which one they still haven’t.
    receive thousands dollars back compensation amazon image3
  4. Classify items with the help of ‘FNSKU’ in the third row.
  5. Erase all the lines that contain the following text: ‘Harmed at Amazon’ or ‘Exchange to holding’, because the money for these things were returned to you by Amazon. And we’re looking for another part of inventory.
  6. Erase all the lines where you see ‘Transfer at holding’.
  7. Save your file in the CSV format.
    receive thousands dollars back compensation amazon image1
  8. Open another case selecting ‘Help’ and then ‘Contact .Us’.
  9. Choose ‘Selling On Amazon’, then click on ‘FBA Issue’ and move to ‘Other’.
    receive thousands dollars back compensation amazon image2
  10. Send an email to Amazon and ask them whether your items saved as .CSV were given correctly.
    receive thousands dollars back compensation amazon image4
  11. Add your .CSV document and mail the letter.
  12. Amazon should reply you within the next twelve hours.
  13. Get the legal reimbursement in the next three-four days!


Move Further and Discover More

I guess you want to learn more, since you have known the incredible outcomes while running the Amazon reports. Just remember that Amazon really owes you money, but you may even not know about it.

Think wisely and act reasonably. There are numerous other reports that could help you to return your money back.  

Share your experience! What strategies have you tried to return your money? What has worked with Amazon? At the same time, what ways would you recommend other Amazon sellers?

Please offer your thoughts. Let’s justice at the right time!