Features of Amazon India for Beginners


Amazon is one of leading marketplaces in India, as Amazon itself is almost the largest retailer in the whole world. It can help online sellers establish the pan-India reach.
We have already told much about how to register as an Amazon seller, how to start your own FBA or private label business, and now it is time to talk about how to sell on Amazon India for beginners.


How to Sell Products on Amazon India

In general, the process is the same as selling on any other marketplace. But you may wonder whether the specifics of India should be taken into account. What about logistics, marketing, payment processing, maintenance of your products in a warehouse? All this becomes easy when you work as a FBA seller, as Amazon does everything for you. So you can develop your business and research popular product in India while Amazon will ship and deliver your product to Indian customers.
Well, let’s stop at the research stage, once we’ve mentioned it.

1. Research the Products Ideas

First of all, you should know what will be profitable. Learn more about what Indians usually do, what things they use, how they live and what’s popular there.
At the moment, you can choose products from several categories (and more of them are coming soon): Beauty, Baby products, Books, Digital accessories, Consumer electronics, Home, Kitchen, Luggage, Jewelry, Mobile phones, Music, Movies, Personal computers, Personal care appliances, Toys, Tablets, Watches and Video games.
Research is the first step for every business, no matter whether you are going to sell your items in India or the US. Read our article on this topic to discover your best products.

2. How to Register as a Seller on Amazon India

After deciding what is your ideal future product and finding a manufacturer, you have to register as a seller. Here is how to open a seller account on Amazon India:

  1. Go to Amazon.in
  2. Select ‘Sign up’ and it will take you to another page.
  3. Click on the ‘Register now’ button that will start the process.
  4. Type in your business name, your phone number and address, Pan details, CST or VAT registration data and your billing details: account holder’s name and the number of the bank account. Provide the system with an IFSC code and the account type.
  5. Wait until Amazon reviews your registration information. They usually respond in a couple of days.

Once everything is checked and you have a confirmation email in your mailbox, you can begin selling. So when it comes to how to how to become a seller on Amazon India, it seems easy, a piece of cake!
You can enter your seller account, see the seller dashboard and start creating your first listing.

3. How to list products on Amazon India

Use Amazon’s listing tools for adding your products. The process of adding them can vary depending on whether such items are already present in the marketplace or it is the first time an item is going to be sold on Amazon India. If there are already similar items, you should only add the product name, its price, and available stock.
In case you want to list several products to the catalog, you can use either Excel inventory files or XML files and MWS (Marketplace web services) API which will automatically create the list of your products. Still, you’ll have to specify UC or ISBN codes for each product by hands.

Remember we told you that Amazon may have no similar product in the database. In this case, you will have to create new listings using the web interface or bulk tools we mentioned above.

The following information must be provided for each product:

  • Title
  • Description
  • UPC or ISBN code
  • Photos
  • Price
  • Stock

Keep in mind that depending on categories, you may fill in additional information about your product.

4. Processing Orders

Next, customers find your items and order them. You get an email that says you have to ship the product.
Inside Seller Central, you can manage all your orders. The first way to do that is using its web interface, the second - download the order report which provides a summary of all received orders with the necessary information for shipping those orders. So, you see, the answer to the question “How to Sell on Amazon India Step by Step” is pretty simple, and here is step #5!

5. What About Possible Problems?

Sure, there can be fraudulent orders, but Amazon fully protects sellers from this kind of problems.
If customers have issues with their orders, there is a special A-to-Z guarantee program for handling such delicate situations. In case someone gets not what they were expecting to receive, Amazon asks them to contact the seller directly. If the seller doesn’t find a solution to the problem, the client can send an A-to-Z claim to Amazon. However, it is not recommended, and better solve the problem at once if you don’t want your account to be suspended or even banned.

6. Finalizing Orders and Getting Reviews

Whenever your customer gets the product and confirms shipment, Amazon deposits the money to your bank account. Note, that they will take some fees. Amazon usually sends payments to sellers once a week.

After that, your client can leave a review on a product or feedback for the seller. Such things are of paramount importance for all Amazon sellers and this is what makes entrepreneurs really successful.
You can use Seller Nexus autoresponder to friendly ask your customers to leave their honest feedback on products and the seller. Be careful in order not to violate Amazon TOS. We have even made special templates for you (they are completely free to use!) which are written along the rules.

So, this was a short overview of how to become a seller and sell products on Amazon India. The whole process is pretty much the same as selling on other marketplaces. Subscribe to our blog to learn more useful tips for selling on Amazon that work for the whole world!