Start Selling on Amazon Prime


Hello dear Amazon sellers,
If you have purchased something on Amazon Prime, you know its advantages. Fast delivery, high-quality service, the best customer experience. Many users choose it to get all those benefits. As a seller, you might be interested in how to sell products on Amazon Prime.

Well… There is a great news for FBA sellers, as this program enrolls your items to Prime listings automatically. This is one more reason to choose FBA as it really wins! Let’s dive deeper into the details of selling on Prime.


Active and loyal customers

Being listed in Amazon Prime products means access to an active customer base who are used to look for products and get them asap. The statistic says that more than 50% of households in the US use Prime. Can you believe that?

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The numbers are 90 million Prime users in the US and + 60 million Prime users throughout the world.

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Additionally, we need to keep in mind that those users are active, they don’t just browse Amazon for fun, they are ready to make a purchase and they buy items frequently.
There is another fascinating statistics saying that nearly 6% of Prime users buy something every day, while this figure is just 1% for regular users.
9.000.000 users make purchases every day! It may be hard to imagine, to illustrate this with an example, let’s say, that’s like everyone in London purchasing some items on Amazon every day.

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If we dive deeper into that stats, we’ll learn that 18% of Prime users buy something for 2 times a week or even more often. 22% of them make purchases once a week, 26% - one time in two weeks.
Simple calculation show that 138.000.000 users buy on Prime every month.
This is a huge audience with a great potential. Why not use it? We guess you are already interested in how to get your product on Amazon Prime, and we’ll tell you about this soon.


Retention of Prime Customers

You know, that it is very difficult for ordinary e-commerce store to make clients stay and purchase from you again. Businesses spent plenty of money on retention marketing to keep their customers glues to their products and services.
What is so great with selling on Amazon? All marketing activities are done for you by the marketplace. People already know what it Amazon Prime, they like it and they return to make another purchase. It saves you money and saves customers time.

Amazon has already taken care about all the marketing stages:

  • Awareness. A consumer knows he/she needs a specific product and finds it in Amazon Prime listings.
  • Consideration. Once a customer finds what he/she wants, he reads about the product and sees its photos that help him/her make a decision.
  • Purchase. This point is about readiness for purchasing the product.
  • Retention. You know that Amazon cares about customer experience most of all. High level of customer service, great communication, and fast delivery from the Amazon warehouses help businesses grow customers loyalty and further interest.

If you sell your products elsewhere than on Amazon, you need a huge amount of investments to keep all those stages alive. Otherway, business won’t grow. Using Amazon’s ready-made solution allows sellers to concentrate on their products than on marketing.

What’s more, getting your products to Prime can mean an increase in sales, as lots of people who are aiming at finding the best product will see your items in their search results.


How to Sell Products on Amazon Prime

Finally, we got to the point when we are going to speak about how to get your products on Amazon Prime. There are 2 crucial requirements:

  1. You have to sell with the Amazon FBA program.
    Everyone can sell with Fulfilled by Amazon, it is not so hard. Sure, you will have to make a research, build your brand and compete with other sellers, however, it will be your honest and legal business. Please, get acquainted with how to sell with FBA, we have a manual for beginners.
  2. Your metrics have to be perfect, so you have to be a successful FBA seller.
    What can be checked and done here?
  • Your product should be only of high quality, what will increase your chances to receive positive reviews.
  • Offer your clients perfect customer support and keep in touch with them on every stage of their purchase. By the way, this can be achieved by using an autoresponder. We at Seller Nexus know that this is more than just effective.
  • Use PPC campaigns on Amazon to increase your brand awareness. Make more people know about your products.
  • Keep an eye of the inventory, as its lack can cause decreases in BSR.

That’s all.
Amazon has made this process simple and not tricky at all. Increasing the quality of your products and growing your business will lead you to Amazon Prime. So the answer for “How to sell on Amazon Prime?” is very simple: work as a FBA seller and improve your quality. That’s incredibly wonderful. And what do you think?