Selling Books on Amazon


Hi dear Amazon sellers!
Today, we’re going to share some tips on how to sell books on Amazon which work on all marketplaces: US, Canada, UK, India, and so on. In fact, you can even use this tips for selling other stuff on Amazon.

Reasons for Selling Books on Amazon

Why is selling books a good idea? Here are three reasons for that:

1. Shared Listings

When you sell something on Amazon, it goes to the master listing where entries are listed by their price and condition. Once providing the best price, you can get the Buy box. This is an orange button saying ‘Add to cart’.

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2. Amazon BSR

As you may already know from our previous articles, every product has its BSR and the lower it is, the more sales it gets.
If you focus on improving your BSR, you will achieve success in selling books on Amazon. You won’t need to think about additional things to increase sales, just lower your BSR and see your books flying off the Amazon shelves.

3. Amazon FBA

The program called ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ offers sellers shipping their products to a huge fulfillment center. They will store everything for you, they pick and pack your books and deliver them to your customers after they make an order. So, you are not engaged in any boring operational activities and have more time for looking for great books to sell on Amazon, and your customers are happy with the high-quality user experience provided by Amazon.

So, here are the main benefits of selling on Amazon, but you may still wonder how to sell books on Amazon or even how to put your first book for sale on Amazon.


How to Find and Put a Book for Sale on Amazon

Here are some popular ways of finding the best fits for selling:

1. Book Sales

You may find used books everywhere: at library sales, book sales, in used books stores or other places. Get them for around $1 and sell for more online.

2. Wholesaling

While searching for books at sales one by one, you may get an entire lot. It can be got at estate sales, yard sales and store closings. So, you can purchase a dozen books at once for an even lower price.

3. Online Arbitrage

It means getting a book on a marketplace like Craigslist or eBay and reselling it on Amazon. It is more time-consuming so we recommend you looking for books that will cost over $25 (first edition books or textbooks may be the greatest match to what you need).


How to Sell Books on Amazon: Main Steps

1. Decide on Your Sourcing Method

Use one of the listed above and search for books. Find your inventory depending on where you are going to get those books. Look for bids of the most high quality and reasonable price. Keep in mind that you will have to sell those books for higher prices.

2. Register as an Amazon Seller

There are 2 types of seller accounts: individual (your pay $1 for every sale) and professional (you pay $40 per month). Basically, it means that if you have more than 40 deals per month, a professional account will be more profitable.

3. Track Your Costs and Profits

No matter how many books you sell every day, you should know what your investments are and how much profit you get per week/per month.
You can have everything in Google Sheets or Excel, or use specialized software like Fetcher. Well, it depends on your budget.

4. List Your Books on Amazon

There are also several options. First, you can scan your inventory automatically. Second, you can type the book’s ISBN into the search bar and click ‘I have one to sell’. In the next window, you can choose the condition of your bid: New, Like new, Very good, Good, Acceptable.

5. Selecting a Fulfillment center

The next step of our ‘How to sell books on Amazon’ instruction is finding the nearest warehouse of Amazon. Don’t forget to include the shipping costs in the table to calculate the overall margin for your bids.

6. Provide great customer service

Once someone becomes your customer, take care of their experience, as this is the number one priority for Amazon. Make sure that everyone who has purchased a book from you is happy. Follow them up and ask whether everything is okay or maybe something could be improved.


Finally, we’ve got to our tips!

  1. As we said earlier, the lowest price can provide your book with the Buy box, so take this advantage and put the lowest price for your product.
  2. Experiment and research the BSR. Search for similar books before putting your book for sale and find out whether their BSR is higher than 200.000. List your book only if the BSR of others in lower than 200K, other way there is no reason to enter such a dead market.
  3. You can save time and money and let Amazon handle all routine work using FBA we were talking about in the article’s beginning. Really, packing and shipping can eat tons of your time and the FBA fees are not that much.
    Note, that you need to build some distribution channels before registering as an Amazon FBA seller. All you will have to do is timely supplying the warehouse with inventory.
  4. While searching for books, try to make deals at the of sales, as the discounts may get up to 90%!
  5. Those who sell textbooks should know that kids usually look for books in the last minutes and they are ready to buy by 20% more to have the book asap. They also usually use Amazon Prime.
  6. Get a professional account, if you are going to sell over 40 books monthly. It will be more lucrative than paying an additional fee of $1.