How to Sell Private Label Products on Amazon and Run your FBA Business Successfully


Being a seller on Amazon and running a FBA business is far from easy, cause it only makes sense when it generates profit. The process of succeeding begins at the moment when you decide what products you are going to offer your potential clients on Amazon. That’s the main point where the way of making profit on Amazon starts.

Due to facing many ‘FBA business problems’ on Amazon I want to make it easier by sharing some useful tips and tricks. You’ll know how to create new innovative ideas, analyze client’s interest for products and items, and examine the outcome afterwards. This article will help you to find no less than one private label item concept that will promote your business on Amazon successfully.

Here we start!


Find Good Private Label Products sold on Amazon

How to pick one item for your own business on Amazon without a mistake? There is a large number of products sold on Amazon, so making a decision feels really boring and seems complicated.

Look over the following criteria guidelines right away:

  1. Select your Product: you will get the criteria for choosing a private label item well sold through FBA. Try to keep in mind continuously while searching for information about that product.
  2. Don’t Choose Illegal Products: make sure what private label items are qualified as prohibitive by Amazon. Then you should be endorsed by Amazon before you are permitted to offer these items.
  3. Pass up Certain Categories: private label items on Amazon are composed into categories. There are ones that we prescribe you to keep away from.

It’s extremely important to consider the key criteria for a benefit private label product and which categories are better to stay away from. You better prepare to proceed onward and start creating original business ideas.


How to recognize good Private Label Products? The key criteria!

  • $20-60: this is the ‘happy middle’ price. Value your item any lower and your profit will probably be too low to make a benefit. I suggest to offer a product with no less than half margin (pre-advertising and sell-outs). It will be extremely hard to sell anything, if your item is evaluated too low as well as too high, because of exceptionally high cost of purchasing new materials. Anyway, Amazon is famous for its low prices, so, higher estimated products are not well sold.
  • Not large sized with small weight: a product that is no heavier than 2 or 3 lb including packing is a perfect case. Offering lightweight stuff is essential since it has a great influence on the transportation cost. Additionally, Amazon has higher charges for heavier things. So, try to concentrate on small items.
  • Elementary and long-term: easy-making products are sold more efficiently because they require less time and material sources. A long-term product leads to less client’s returns, that gives to you more cash. Avoid electronic things or products with numerous technical details.
  • Only Private label ones: Don’t try to offer another seller's products. You should promote your own ones. What's more, to offer such product, you have to discover an item that can be private label. This signifies that you should avoid business spheres that are overwhelmed by world-famous and popular brands.
  • Market request (lower BSR level + high profit index): Amazon has one method for chasing winners and it called Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Every item recorded on Amazon has its BSR level. Moreover, you’ll be surprised knowing that a low BSR indicates high profit. A product with 1 BSR is the most ideal spot! But ensure that you analyze the necessary BSR category. Also, don't pick a category where not just one item produces low BSR. Even the best items are not so popular among customers here. Regardless the possibility to enter this popular niche, how are you planning to get profit?
  • Market niche is not fulfilled (low number of customer’s reviews): In a product’s category with a low BSR lots of salesmen are profiting. So, it’s looks attractive to start. But stop and think once more of how many chances you have. Do you hope to cut a bit of the benefit pie? Just if you have boundless monetary resources. That’s why, you have to consider not only low BSRs and high pursuit index, but also the quantity of customer’s reviews that show you how intensive the market sphere is. Products that have gained more than thousands of overlooks are not beneficial to enter.


Restricted niches on Amazon

Stay far from Restricted Products

Now you have the understanding of what to search for when choosing what to offer on Amazon. However, before you begin conceptualizing your private label item concepts, we should discuss what NOT to offer on Amazon ever.

Try not to offer an item that is in a controlled Amazon class, such as ‘Alcohol’, ‘Lottery and Gambling’, ‘Electronics’.

To offer private label items in the mentioned classes, you should be approved by Amazon first. You'll need to apply for authorization.

That’s why don't offer confined items!

Stay away from Certain Categories

Products on Amazon have its certain categories. The classifications are not equivalent to each other. A few of them have strict criterias. Others are characterized by extremely high competition making it very hard to get a benefit there. In addition, there are classes with products that don't meet the criteria of well sold products on Amazon we set above.

Surely, it's not impracticable to achieve success with a private label item in one of these classifications. Yet, we wouldn’t advise starting with them, if you’re a novice on Amazon.

Some classes are better to stay away from, in light of the fact that they are restricted for FBA, they are made for computerized items or they are not good for a FBA business:

  • Video
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Prime & Digital Music
  • Echo & Alexa Device speaker
  • Amazon Appstore for Android device
  • Audio & Books (including Kindle)
  • Amazon Pictures & files in Drive
  • Games & Films
  • Tablets

In addition, here are the key categories that should be avoided because of strong restrictions or a high competitive level among sellers or even brands:

  • Automobile & Manufacturing
  • Clothes, Footwear & Jewellery
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cards for presents
  • Gastronomy
  • Entertainments (on holidays only)
  • Sport Valued Items
  • Clocks

Now you’re warned, so you will avoid failures.

The rest of the categories are all good for selling your private label items. By the way, you can still not believe me and you are going to choose one of the classes above. Congrats! But, hey you, risky, ensure that you really know the rules of using these categories.

Open an electronic table to fix your ideas

I’ve discovered a very useful tool to record all the thoughts about my future product. In other words, it is just a spreadsheet in the Google Drive. However, it simplifies the next stage of selecting the best idea for a private label item. Make a ‘Product Idea’ column, add every good product that you find on Amazon with its price and a link. By comparing the main criteria, you’ll see the best options for your business.

Your task: Find 15 or 20 ideas!

Have no ideas what to sell on Amazon and the creative process goes dreadfully slowly?

Watch some tips, which will foster your brainstorming and give answers to the following questions:

  1. Your ordinary life. What are you doing every day and what problems do you face? Why is it hard for you to solve them?
  2. Top sellers on Amazon. Make a research and analyze the whole picture. What makes them so successful?
  3. High leveled categories on Amazon. Make a look on these classes, but don’t forget about restricted ones.

Your Ordinary Life

I hope, you will offer an item on Amazon that you're really intrigued by. It makes a difference. In the near future, maybe months or years, you will see it on Amazon very often, trying to persuade people to get it. So, I advise you not to pick a product without feeling an association with it!

What your everyday life looks like?

What are you enthusiastic about? What are your interests and leisure activities? Is there any idea that meets our item criteria?

  • Design or drawing
  • Pets
  • Baking fruit pies

How products that you are using could be enhanced?

Perhaps, you may frequently use spatulas to brush up your mixer, but it could be even more better to flex it a little, couldn’t it?

What have you purchased online over the most recent 90 days? Was it a physical item or not?

It is an ideal opportunity to produce fresh ideas. Just remind all your purchases for the last time and check them with our criteria. That’s how the creative process goes. Our routine actions are like a buried treasure that is waiting to be found. Likewise, contact others and discuss with them the similar things. You’ll surely find something surprisingly new!

Top Sellers on Amazon

Okay, you have reminded your everyday style, but how can you be sure whether any of the items you just thought of will be sold well?

Why not to look through the products that are selling well on Amazon now?

The ‘Top Sellers on Amazon’ records will give you a chance to see every product on demand. ‘Top Sellers on Amazon’ includes the main 100 top items in each best level niche. So, you can't fail here!

sell private label products amazon fba image1

You can choose any class to analyze best 100 Sellers on Amazon. For example, let’s see what is going on in the ‘Kitchen & Home’ category.

sell private label products amazon fba image2

Here you see all the high-level selling products. You should simply filter the items and check with criteria we set above in this article.

A great example is the 88th top rated item in the ‘Kitchen & Home’ category. And this is ‘BPA Free Water Jar’:

sell private label products amazon fba image3

Well, it really meets every criteria: it costs between $20-60, it seems to be not large sized and weighs not much, and it’s also elementary and long-term, and, perhaps, it is private labeled.

You can check the weight and size by clicking on the picture of product. You’ll see a small info window. Then, move down the page to the ‘Product Information’ option:

sell private label products amazon fba image4

What do you think? Seems pretty good? Do you want to add it to your ‘Product ideas list’ right now?

sell private label products amazon fba image5

No, stop! Here is a small but significant trap. This water jar has more than three thousand reviews now!

sell private label products amazon fba image6

It will be extremely hard to contest with such a popular product, because its key players have also very high scores. That is the reason why you should search not only among the best 100 in the most popular categories. Go further and continue your research. 

Furthermore, you should use all this information! Top Seller’s records on Amazon are amazing, because you can discover as many different subcategories as you like.

Exploring enables you to find the main 100 selling hits for each subclass, and this is the place where you can reveal the true diamonds!

For instance, in the ‘Kitchen & Home’ category we can go all the way from 'Baking' to 'Accessories and Tools' and 'Bowls':

sell private label products amazon fba image7

The best items are those that likely meet the key item criteria, however have less reviews.

High leveled categories on Amazon

One more approach to create private label item concepts is to experience High leveled categories on Amazon. The procedure is equal to what you've recently finished with the Top Seller’s records on Amazon. In any case, you will discover other items, since now they are composed in an unexpected way.  

Start by setting off to ‘Departments Overview’ on Amazon. Keep in mind that there are various classifications you should maintain a strategic distance from. Revive your memory and backpedal to the ‘Stay away from the certain categories’ segment of the article.

So, choose any category. For example, select 'Dining & Kitchen’:

sell private label products amazon fba image8

You see the 'Dining & Kitchen’ page opened.

sell private label products amazon fba image9

Here you don't instantly observe a review of all items. Rather, we're given various highlighted subclasses. For example, ‘Food service’ or ‘Cookware’. What's more, there are different classifications, like ‘Bakeware’ and ‘Kitchen utensils’.

Select 1 subcategory and continue going to the page point where you could really observe every item.

What about selecting ‘Kitchen Tools’? This will show another window where we can’t observe the whole picture of these items. So, what about moving even further and selecting ‘Coasters’?

sell private label products amazon fba image10

Now we're getting to an amazing place! We see a lot of coasters that are sorted in 5 diverse ways. We’re given ‘Top Sellers’ as well as ‘New Releases’. You may observe new hot segments, for example, ‘Top Rated’, ‘Most Asked For’ and ‘Most Gifted’.

sell private label products amazon fba image11

It teleports us to a radical new universe of item thoughts to conceptualize!

Experience the greatest number of classes and continue writing all the fascinating item thoughts in your list of item ideas. When you've stopped on 15 or 20 item thoughts, you truly feel good, proceed onward to the following segment. 

The basis steps to begin generating item ideas:

  1. Make the similar table in Google Drive for the results of your Amazon’s research of well sold products.
  2. Think about your everyday life, Top Sellers and High leveled Categories on Amazon.
  3. Record all findings in the table.


How to Analyze the Private Label Item Demand

Before identifying a perfect private label item for the FBA business, you need to confirm interest for your item ideas. This is an important stage in every item search.

You've recently discovered 20 item thoughts that you're going to offer on Amazon. However, it is not the end.

Soon you’ll spend a lot of financial resources to purchase your first materials, offer products at the marketplace to make your first deals successfully. 

To kick-begin your FBA business, you need to locate in the most ideal status to compensate that contributions, and eventually make a benefit. This is the reason why you have to analyze the specialty spheres for your item thoughts. 

You’ll have to check two moments:

  • Market request: confirm the customer’s interest. What size is the cake – is it small or pretty big?
  • Market niche is not fulfilled: Will you ‘eat’ the delicious piece of that cake?

Despite the fact that it is not an unavoidable reality, here are some important rules that I offer you to use in order to identify customer’s request and market immersion.

Market request:

  • The BSR of the high-selling item is less than 1 thousand
  • The BSR of three items in ‘Top 5’ is less than 5 thousands
  • Total evaluated month to month deals for top 5 are more than two and a half thousands
  • Search for the top 3 key phrases on Amazon is more than one hundred thousands

Market niche is not fulfilled:

  • The top product has less than 3 hundred customer’s reviews
  • 2 products in ‘Top 5’ have less than 1 thousand customer’s reviews
  • 5 products in ‘Top 10’ have less than 100 customer’s reviews

The main idea: It will be difficult to run a business on Amazon, if the first high rated items have less than 1 thousand customer’s reviews.


Instruments to analyze market request and the market niche

  1. Unicorn Smasher’ is a free Google Chrome tool that gives full information about the best outcomes for the certain key phrases. Initially, you have a chance to see BSR, sales indicators and amount of customer’s reviews. You'll save a great part of your energy using this instrument, because it is the most accurate and easy way to check whether your item thought will be going well on Amazon.
  2. DeepWords’ is another tool that clarifies customer’s demand. It shows the most frequently used key phrases that people entered during the last month.
  3. Google Trends’ is an extension that shows you the most popular key phrases. First of all, you’ll see seasonal products. Also it informs whether the customer’s request has expanded or diminished over a specific time frame. Perhaps, you’ll need to offer an item with a year round request.
  4. CamelCamelCamel’ is the last method which is also known as a value tracker on Amazon. It demonstrates an item's cost and its sales history. Moreover, here you can find the visualization of sales efficiency. This is a brilliant way to check an item twice with both low BSR and low amount of customer’s reviews. The low BSR might be the consequence of a current advancement.

The easiest way to save your ideas is to fix them in the ‘Item Research List’ just as you’ve done it in your ‘Item ideas List’. 

The ‘Item Research List’ includes many distinctive sections. But, don't panic, I'll tell you what to enter in every segment slowly and carefully.

Compare both ‘Item ideas List’ and ‘Item Research List’ to exclude the similar ideas and choose your favorite ones. Let’s use a ‘tea pitcher’ as an example in this article. To start with, experience every criteria for an item idea. Once you have got familiar with every action step, it will be much simpler for you to go through the process of creating a private label product later.


‘Unicorn Smasher’ – your tool to find the product on Amazon

Made by the ‘AMZ Tracker group’, Unicorn Smasher is a free extension that Chrome provides. You will get a great amount of useful information for the item idea that you are realizing. This is really the most technically great tool that you can use to check customer's interest for your item ideas.

sell private label products amazon fba image12

‘Unicorn Smasher’ is a Chrome expansion you can work with specifically on Amazon. It works just for ‘’, which is the United States commercial center. So, in case you need to do item analyze task on Amazon site for other commercial centers, for instance,  Japan, Germany or Canada, you can't open ‘Unicorn Smasher’.

Nevertheless, don't get upset: you can also continue to utilize various instruments and tips mentioned in my article.

How to work with ‘Unicorn Smasher’? 

  • Search for an item on Amazon, for instance, a ‘tea pitcher’.
  • When you see the best indexed listings, open the ‘Unicorn Smasher’ tool at the upper right of your program.
  • A window will show all the information about the best items on Amazon.

This instrument will help you to save a huge amount of hours opening item pages, writing manual analysis and fixing all the into your listings!

The best way to work with ‘Unicorn Smasher’!

I’ll give you some directions that will make the installation process easier. Ensure you are using the Google browser now! Else, it’s impossible to start using this extension.

Then, return to the Amazon site and search for your items. We'll look for a ‘tea pitcher’ as we’ve recently agreed, so type that name into the bar and tap on the ‘Unicorn Smasher’ extension right in the right corner of the Chrome Browser.

Here you are! A window opens and the tool begins collecting the information about a product. It looks like:

sell private label products amazon fba image13

Let’s look through every segment separately now:

  • ‘Product’: you see the title of every item.
  • ‘Brand’: mark name of the item.
  • ‘Sellers’: all the dealers of this item. In case the number is more than one, this implies there are different vendors for a similar item. For instance, when you look for any of iPhone models, you will discover a wide range of vendors that offer them. They will compete for the 'purchase box' in light of the fact that just 1 merchant per client can make a deal. You will offer your own private label item, with your own famous image. It will lead to more ability to control the ‘purchase box’, so you shouldn’t worry about ‘aggressive fighting’.
  • ‘Variations’: number of item different variants, for example, color effects and forms. An illustration is a T-shirt in the red and blue spectrum with 4 unique sizes. The quantity of varieties of one, implies that there is just a single alternative when acquiring the item.
  • ‘Price’: the cost of the thing.
  • ‘Category’: segment in which this item is recorded.
  • ‘Rank’: BSR is the fundamental classification. It is top sellers on Amazon.
  • ‘Sales’: assessed deals for every month period.
  • ‘Revenue’: assessed income for every month period.
  • ‘Reviews': the amount of reviews for an ‘ASIN’, which identifies a standard number on Amazon. It is an exceptional identifier appointed by Amazon to recognize items inside the Amazon inventory.
  • ‘Rating’: total Amazon rating (from 1 to 5) of the item.
  • ‘FBA’ (Fulfillment by Amazon): kind of delivery that is offered by a seller who controls the ‘purchase box’. ‘AMZ’ (cause Amazon is the main product’s provider that satisfies the request), ‘FBA’ (an outsider dealer), and ‘- ‘ (an outsider dealer, satisfied by a trader). ‘FBA’ shows that it is most likely a private label merchant.

These results are brilliant: just in a few seconds, you’ll learn how any provided product’s sphere on Amazon is working! Perhaps, you have one question: how may you apply this info to analyze the customer's interest for your item offers?

So, here is what we know about the product now:

sell private label products amazon fba image14

We’re searching for a ‘tea pitcher’ and want to know the detailed information about this product on Amazon. We can see that there are various FBA merchants, which is a great sign that this item may appear private labeled. The seller is Amazon – AMZ.

However, I don't suggest contending with Amazon. You will likely discover Amazon offering items in all specialties you are inquiring about. Therefore, I’d recommend you rather not to pick an item in a specialty in which most of the hit items are promoted by Amazon itself.

For our tea pitcher example, there’s a good mixture: some top selling products are sold by Amazon, but there are also quite a few sold by FBA sellers.

For the ‘tea pitcher’ case, there's a great blend: some best offering items are already offered by Amazon as a seller. Yet, there are likewise a significant number of FBA products.

Click ‘Rank’ to sort out the BSR of search findings:

sell private label products amazon fba image15

We see not very much outcomes in the best columns. The reason is in supported outcomes. The merchants have paid Amazon for that key phrase ‘tea pitcher’ to promote their products higher. Don’t consider these outcomes at all. They are just partly true. Begin with the 1st outcome that is not paid. In the most situations, you’ll find them from the 5th line and beneath.

After sorting the items according to their BSR, we’ll duplicate the accompanying information for the Best 5 positioning items from ‘Unicorn Smasher’ to your personally made ‘Item Research List’:

  • Product web location on Amazon
  • Cost
  • Rating
  • Selling results
  • Customer’s outlooks

sell private label products amazon fba image16

The best way to get this information is to move the opened data to a ‘CSV file’. Click ‘To CSV’ at the bottom.

sell private label products amazon fba image17

Open the file in your Google sheet after downloading. Choose any necessary information and transfer it to the best five item’s results.

sell private label products amazon fba image18

Record it in your ‘Item Research List’.

sell private label products amazon fba image19

Return to your discoveries and examine their ‘BSR’, ‘Estimated Sales’ and ‘Reviews’. A BSR less than 1 thousand for the best item would be a great result so as the outcome of 2-3 items in the main Five with a BSR rate less than 5,000 thousands.

In case a BSR of a large portion of your best five items is less than 5,000, ignore this item thought. It indicates a very little customer's interest. Also, the information about assessed deals per month helps you to understand the number of items they are offering every month. You will need this to be no less than 2,500 for the best Five. 

For our ‘tea pitcher’ idea, we find very accurate customer’s interest:

  • BSR is less than 5,000 thousands;
  • Selling results are measuring by 9,000.

Next, we need to analyze the quantity of reviews. You will persuade that the item with not very high BSR won't really have a lot of reviews. That’s why the number of reviews is only 1 of the positioning variables. While hunting what to offer your customers on Amazon, you’ll be surprised that the most profitable offering items have a bigger number of outlooks than the worse offering items.

While analyzing all the reviews, the best item should show no less than 300 outlooks. But the world is far from perfect, so it won’t happen even you want it so much. At any rate, check whether one or two items in the best Five have no less than 1,000 reviews. The brilliant result is when Five items in the best 10 outcomes have no less than 100 reviews.

Ignore this item, if you’ll see that at least every of three items in the best Five has less than 1,000 seller reviews. Move further and find the most profitable one. Yes, there might be a sufficient client’s interest. Anyway, this niche is excessively fulfilled now. To gain success, you'll have to pay a lot of financial resources to this specific category to get such a high quantity of reviews. Perhaps, it is the right decision for your third item, but when you start selling on Amazon with plans to offer your 1st item, it can bring a lot of problems. So, simplify your product promotion.

Take a note!

Here is one more tip for you: continue working with item’s ideas, when all these best ten items all perform not high BSRs. The products which begin from the sixth position, gain low BSR and show us not many reviews, could present a gainful specialty for your business on Amazon.

A ton of vendors who are profiting here, reach less than 5 position. So, you can try it.

sell private label products amazon fba image20

Here is the way to use ‘Unicorn Smasher’. A critically significant step in searching your best offer on Amazon is investigating Unicorn Smasher's information. Take as much time as necessary. Ensure that you’ve checked each item with ‘Unicorn Smasher’ tool and identified its selling potential.

The necessary steps: 

Here are the means to use ‘Unicorn Smasher’ to understand what to offer on Amazon:

  1. Install the ‘Unicorn Smasher’ extension to the browser. Only Chrome!
  2. Search for your personal item thought on the Amazon site and open ‘Unicorn Smasher’ at the same time.
  3. Look through the diverse sections in ‘Unicorn Smasher’.
  4. Ensure that you see the ‘FBA’ sign in the column.
  5. Systemize the search findings according to their ‘BSR’ by tapping on rate position.
  6. Export the information to a CSV record and then open it with ‘Google sheet’.
  7. Copy the information in the ‘Product web location on Amazon’, ‘Cost’, ‘Rating’, ‘Selling results’ and ‘Costumer’s outlooks’ columns for the best Five items and write it down in the ‘Item Research’ List.
  8. Analyze your results and look at the ‘BSR’, ‘Selling results’ and ‘Costumer’s outlooks’ to check the consumer’s interest.


How to Check Amazon Items and Compare them with Google Trends

You will definitely want to be sure whether your product is popular only in autumn or a year round. Information available on Amazon is not enough. That’s the point where ‘Google Trends’ serve for your needs.

While it doesn't give real hunt numbers, it enables you to see whether an item is on demand all the year round. It also allows you to check the best time to start selling, because it analyzes the certain timeframes when the product is going on its highest and lowest demand.

For example, the word ‘Eurocup’ has exceptionally seasonable time periods. You know why, cause it’s held in very strict regular 4-year intervals. So, you needn't bother yourself trying to understand why Google algorithms identify a great spike in looks for it amid that world famous competition.

sell private label products amazon fba image21

On the other hand, the demand for houses is high all over the year. The results look pretty amazing!

sell private label products amazon fba image22

Go to ‘Google Trends’ tool to check your item idea on the seasonal criteria. Let’s fill in the ‘tea pitcher’ keyword in the bar once more.

sell private label products amazon fba image23

Put a limit to the geography pattern. Where do you want make a research? You should better identify your request by the US, if you are searching some FBA item to offer on the Amazon site.

sell private label products amazon fba image24

You may notice that there is higher costumer’s interest in summer than in winter. People need a tea pitcher not all year round. Guess the reason! Maybe you will come up to even brighter and innovative ideas which hide the reason of its low demand in cold frosty days.

sell private label products amazon fba image25

Let’s limit our search request by choosing a certain timeframe. We select 2-year statistics from the past. For example, from January 2014 till July 2016.

sell private label products amazon fba image26

Only regular interest for your item gives bad sells. Additionally, a seasonal requests may look differently: toys for Christmas are popular only during the winter holidays, while notebooks are in a high demand mainly in early autumn. But this doesn’t exclude the fact that customer’s request in summer can be exactly the same as in winter.

It would be great to choose a product which is sold the whole year, not only during certain periods.  

You may already guess the conclusion. Place all your discoveries in the remarks section in the ‘Item Research List’. As we’ve seen, a tea pitcher has a high request in summer.

How to use ‘Google Trends’ to identify the best selling time for your item idea

  1. Open ‘Google Trends
  2. Write your item idea in the bar.
  3. Limit the geographic coordinate where you want to sell the product.
  4. Analyze whether your item idea has seasonality. Put remarks in your ‘Item Research List’.
  5. Fix the results in the 'Item Research List’.


How to find a Good Private Label Product With ‘CamelCamelCamel’

You already have a large portion of necessary information. But you still need to find out whether the item's ‘Top Sellers Rating’ is swelled. ‘BSR’ reflects the item's latest successful deals. Amazon considers that it is more important indicator then an item's deals over a drawn out stretch of time. A considerable measure of late sales help to get a higher positioning.

A lot of sellers may exploit this positioning methodology by using a marketing advancement to make their ‘BSR’ higher. What's more, even running the product with ‘Unicorn Smasher’, can drown it because of having an expanded ‘BSR’. So, be attentive to this tricky detail.

The ‘CamelCamelCamel’ tool helps to distinguish the real popularity of a product from the fact of its current marketing advancement. ‘CamelCamelCamel’ is an Amazon value tracker that demonstrates an item's cost and deals rating records. It is a standout approach to see item's past steps of promoting.

However, you don't have to analyze this for all best five items. The lack of data about a product is the main reason to use that tool. Just look through those items that have not high ‘BSR’ and not large amount of seller feedback at the same time. Particularly, if that item has a higher position than an item with more outlooks.

The 'tea pitcher' diagram contains such item: a BSR is 1043 and there are 153 outlooks. Though, the item under 5 position has 1252!

sell private label products amazon fba image27

So, it is less expensive item in the rundown. That could clarify why people buy it more often than more costly items that have significantly more audits. On the other hand, a low ‘BSR’ may likewise be a consequence of a current marketing advancement. We should examine that!

Open the item listing page by tapping on the item link. When you're on the item posting page, discover the ‘ASIN’:

sell private label products amazon fba image28

Open ‘CamelCamelCamel’ now. Create account for free to start and then write the ‘ASIN’ in the bar. Begin your search!

sell private label products amazon fba image29

Look on the diagram at the bottom of the page:

sell private label products amazon fba image30

You'll see 3 tags. We need only the initial two: ‘Price History’, ‘Sales Rating’. Choose the ‘Sales Rank’ option. There you’ll see the shifts in BSR after some time. It seems that the item has been in a really stable position since the summertime 2013, with a couple of plunges.

sell private label products amazon fba image31

The extension of time for 3 months changes the whole picture. We see a really accurate ‘BSR’ increasing.

sell private label products amazon fba image32

We can't definitely know without a doubt, yet it may be possible that this dealer has made some voucher codes recently and then given them out to certain clients. It could clarify the reason of a low ‘BSR’ likewise a moderately low amount of reviews.

Let’s add this information to our ‘Item Research List’ in the ‘Item Idea Remarks’ section and write something like that: may have marketing advancements to make ‘BSR’ higher.

sell private label products amazon fba image33

By the way, a swelled ‘BSR’ means that you shouldn't proceed with this item idea. However, you might need to return to ‘Unicorn Smasher’ and observe the lower positioning items. Particularly it could be different expanded BSRs in the best Five.

The last note: all products that you can’t add to a particular segment in the ‘Item Research List’, transfer to the ‘Item Ideas Remarks’ section. For instance, you see a high amount of audits for the main five items and a low amount of reviews for all items beneath in ‘Unicorn Smasher’. It means that it can be a significant remark in the ‘Item Idea Remarks’ section. What's more, this is likewise the section to note any Google key phrases while researching.

How to use ‘CamelCamelCamel’ to check an item’s sales rating and ‘BSR’ records:

  1. Go to the ‘CamelCamelCamel’ website.
  2. Create and fill in your account.
  3. Write the ‘ASIN’ of an item that you think may have a swelled ‘BSR’ (low ‘BSR’ and low amount of audits).
  4. Analyze whether the current ‘BSR’ is undoubtedly swelled in ‘Price History’ and ‘Sales Rating
  5. Record your discoveries in the ‘Item Research List’.


How To Control Your Promoting on Amazon

Congrats! You have totally checked customer’s interest for your private label item ideas now!

Let’s see how you can beat other sellers by examining your opposition ability.

Of course, you are eager to place yourself in the highest spot to run a beneficial FBA business. You have to figure out how to separate your item from your future marketing contest to make the success possible.

We will identify your chances to improve the situation, and find the best way to enforce your competition. There are 2 things that matter:

  1. Is the item catalog enhanced? We will audit the item title, visual cues, pictures and details of your item postings of other sellers.
  2. Can the item be improved? We will analyze some positive and negative audits, and the Q&A segment of the item postings of other sellers.

Is the item catalog enhanced?

Despite the fact that sales is very significant detail to get higher in Amazon's web search tool A9, one more imperative factor is Amazon ‘Product Catalog Optimization’. Let’s clarify it.  

Amazon is designed for making money and creating profitable businesses. So, it needs to ensure that people who enter key phrases to find the product will likely buy it, because products presented on the very first page have the most noteworthy possibility of making profit.   

Optimizing a product is better to begin with comparison of the strongest and weakest sides of other products. An unoptimized items have both low ‘BSR’ and low amount of outlooks. It’s the most important rule to remember. That’s how you can improve your own certain future item and make it unique in the product’s marketplace on Amazon.

A seller can make the conversion into sales higher by checking the main factors of product’s optimization:

  • Name
  • Structure
  • Pictures
  • Text

Name: Amazon prescribes using 50 symbols limit in the title. But to my mind, long titles are better. Some sellers write even 200 symbols in the title and it’s still selling well. You should analyze the most informative keywords for the item and then put them into the title. The amount of possible phrases which people use while searching makes the total length of the main product’s name. A case of a terrible title that doesn't utilize enough characters is 'iPhone 6’ is an example of how you shouldn’t act, because it provides no information about the product at all. An advanced title for that item would be: ‘iPhone 6 Form-fitting Slim Lightweight'.

Structure: You are permitted to include 5 visual cues such as bullet points. Analyze each of them in the seller’s offer. What role do they play? Do these points simply include characteristics or are they more centered around transformation by showing benefits? Are the beginnings of each visual cue have capital letters? These moments are significant, because they create great structure for a better visual perception.

Pictures: You can download 9 pictures. Check how many slots are already in use. Additionally, look at the quality. Do you like them or could it be better? What's more, can a person zoom them? It raises your chances to run good sales greatly.

Text: You can write 2,000 symbols in the description. It is not obligatory to maximize it to its limit, however, look whether a merchant uses at least 1,000 symbols in the text. After all, you should check the copy of the description to see the seller’s approach to the business. Does the item portrayal gives an influential story? Does it contains informative and accurate key phrases? At last, check the text for fundamental HTML, because it improves it perception immediately and increases the trust to the product. In spite of the fact that Amazon is against this option, you will see how many businessmen include it into their texts. All in all, search for some striking words or blank areas.

All these factors create an improved brand info: You will have the access to this function after passing a free label register on Amazon. It is an amazing opportunity to add numerous pictures, paragraphs, visual points and subheadings to your description. Give it a try!

For every item in your personal best five, look through the item listing and check which criteria your product has now. So, you’ll see how much you need to optimize while promoting your company.

In your ‘Item Research List’, you need to record your discoveries with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in the accompanying segments. Here is an example for you:

sell private label products amazon fba image34

I’ll show it using our ‘tea pitcher’ again:

sell private label products amazon fba image35


At the first glance we see very heavy and detailed title name:

sell private label products amazon fba image36

Is it optimized? Surely! So, In the ‘Name’ column, we enter ‘Yes’.

sell private label products amazon fba image37


Let’s go to the Structure of ‘tea pitcher’.

sell private label products amazon fba image38

This offer has bullet points, so the information is well structured. A potential client can quickly see all the important details about the product. Moreover, it’s not simply a list of characteristics. It shows the real benefits for customer. So, we have one more ‘Yes’!

sell private label products amazon fba image39


What’s up with the images?

sell private label products amazon fba image40

We see only 4 pictures, while it’s possible to add all 9 images. By the way, they look qualitative and are zoomable. Keep in mind: upload as many photos as you can until the 9 number limit. Give your customers all the information about your product and they would believe you! We'll put ‘No’ in the ‘Pictures’ cell, because the pictures of this item aren't completely enhanced.

sell private label products amazon fba image41


Reading about the product is as important as looking at it!

sell private label products amazon fba image42

It seems too short here, isn’t it? You can copy the text description to ‘' to see the quantity of symbols:

sell private label products amazon fba image43

Yes, we were right. it contains 683 symbols, while it is better to write at least 1,000 symbols. This text composed not professionally at all. You see different spelling mistakes. What's more, by far the most ridiculous error, it finishes amidst a sentence!

This text is certainly not improved enough, so we'll put ‘No’ in the ‘Text’ line.

sell private label products amazon fba image44

You’ve done it!  I hope you can make product’s analysis easily now. So, apply all mentioned ways to enhance your best five product ideas and then continue moving to the next segment.

Do you have considerable measure of ‘Yes's’? Only by collecting most of the factors that could present your product profitably, you'll become very strong competitor to other sellers. However, gaining a completely upgraded item listing is not the end of the process.

Nevertheless, here is 1 rule when you can still consider your best ideas even if they don’t meet all the criteria mentioned above. A low ‘BSR’ and low amount of seller reviews of the product are more critical. So, don’t forget about these two options.

You may be surprised, but having more ‘No’s’ than ‘Yes’s’ is even more better. You understand what options you need to optimize and plan multiple ways to compete other sellers in your niche.


The ways to optimize your Private label item

  1. Know the key aspects of enhancing an item listing: Name, Structure, Pictures, Text.
  2. Check the main factors of product’s optimization and apply them for the certain item you are going to promote on Amazon.
  3. Paste the results into the ‘Item Research List’.

You have almost reached the finish line! The last level you need to proceed in this Amazon ‘big game’ is to understand whether you can offer a more advanced product than all the similar available ones? Let’s analyze it to decide what is the perfect product to offer on Amazon.

The best approach to discover the truth is breaking down what our potential clients think about the best available items. Also, keep in mind that we don't consider costly and sophisticated spheres to find our best product for future sells. Just listen to the customer's voices and you’ll know everything about the current item’s demand. Are you ready to go?

A lot of people are writing different comments including pluses and minuses. Find them in various sellers’ items! A good variant would be to make an inquiry about that item on your own. Be more active and you’ll get everything what you need, because all customers’ reviews are openly accessible.

Your potential clients are eager to tell everyone about their likes and dislikes, problems and even propositions. It’s a great source of fresh and creative concepts, which you can freely accept and then realize! So, make a customers’ reviews research and you will find true brilliants.

All we need to do is finding that feedback! Here’s where you will find it:

  • Customers’ comments
  • FAQ

You will see these options beneath the item title:

sell private label products amazon fba image45

Create two last sections in your ‘Item Research List’:

  • Pluses
  • Minuses

sell private label products amazon fba image46

Look through the seller reviews of each main 5 item listing and endeavor to discover 5 pluses and 5 minuses which your private label item idea may have.

Identify the top positive features for every item: as a rule, they are specified for most items in certain sphere. Let’s suppose a typical positive remark for a ‘tea pitcher’. Perhaps, this characteristic is repeated in different comments. After finding this out, you’ll unquestionably add this feature to your columns. In any case, write it just once. I want to remind you that we are searching for five diverse positive performances.

Analyze negative comments in the same way, which you will definitely read in many customers’ reviews. But try to look deeper and read not only negative words but the hidden meaning. What does a dissatisfied customer want? What is his true motivation? Negative reviews are often a great source of new ideas and recommended changes. You will gain a lot of helpful feedback, if you could interpret the complaints wisely. That’s how successful businessmen and companies become competitive. So, write all these characteristics in the Negative segment.


How to Analyze Item Reviews on Amazon?

Amazon uses a 5-star rating for their review framework. A 4 or 5-star scores consider as an assertive seller review, 3 stars and anything underneath refers to negative outlooks.

For instance, let’s use a similar item listing that we took while checking the item listing for page advancement. Under the item title name, tap on ‘Customer Reviews’ or basically look through the item page to the ‘Customer Reviews’ area.

sell private label products amazon fba image47

The outlooks shown here are not the latest ones, but rather the ‘Top Customer Reviews’. These are the reviews that have the highest amount of supportive votes. We want to find an item with 33 supportive votes and no less than 31 reviews. Check it here at the bottom.

sell private label products amazon fba image48

No matter whether the best clients’ reviews are negative or positive, Amazon users have noticed it and could found the comment somehow useful. Foremost, you have to analyze all these outlooks, cause you will get the most necessary details about your item here!

Begin reading all these top comments, then figure out what customers’ value your product for and what are the main causes for disappointment and going to another seller. By the way, it could be you!

Return and open ‘See all (amount) reviews’.

sell private label products amazon fba image49

This option will transfer you to another page with different reviews. You will get 2 variants: to see every single positive review (4-5 stars) or every single negative one (1-3 stars).

sell private label products amazon fba image50

Analyze the constructive reviews and identify the best features of a product.

Then look through the antagonistic or negative reviews and verify the minuses or possible changes that could improve the product on Amazon.

In case there is already a plenty of them, concentrate on discovering typical negative and positive remarks. Diverse clients will like distinctive things, yet when 10 customers give a similar criticism that merits your observing.

A similar positive feature for a ‘tea pitcher’ mentioned by the most customers is its practicality in use:

sell private label products amazon fba image51

Some customers tell about a bad quality of the cap. That’s the main complain in the most negative reviews. Take a look:

sell private label products amazon fba image52

Don’t forget to write it down to your ‘Item Research List’:

sell private label products amazon fba image53


It’s time for people’s questions! You should know what customers are worried about. There’s a chance to give them the information they lack about some products. We need to return to the item page and open the ‘Questions and Answers’ option.

sell private label products amazon fba image54

Here you will find the questions from customers. Sellers also as other customers can reply, so there could appear even bright discussions. You will also see the most useful questions and answers at the first positions.

Choose ‘See More Answered Questions’ option to see more answers and questions. Maybe, you will find something that will boost your ideas greatly!

sell private label products amazon fba image55

Look through the answers and questions, maybe you’ll find the information that meets your needs there. You will realize what is keeping clients from making a decision and buying the product. Be sure that people they have serious plans when they ask questions. So, identify their knowledge gap and take an advantage to form better product offer on Amazon. Try to understand that the less questions your potential clients have, the more chances you have to sell your product to them. Give a complete list of product’s features by analyzing customers’ answers and questions.

The example of question about the ‘tea pitcher’ refers to its ability to carry hot water with vapor.

sell private label products amazon fba image56

This, of course, has interested mostly customers than sellers. That’s just like people put their needs in common to solve their problems. So, other experienced users of tea pitcher recommend not to ‘kill’ this item with boiling water. Such review is credible enough, because it is given from the horse’s mouth. However, being a seller is even better just because you can use the same tactics to build trust between your product and customers!  This will enhance your FBA business growth and improve its credibility.

Another matter of concern to customers while purchasing a tea pitcher is the lid quality problem.

sell private label products amazon fba image57

We have recently discovered peoples’ worries. No one wants to spill delicious drink calling the roaches to come out! The high-quality cap really matters. So, finish your ‘Item Research List’ with this basic characteristic.

sell private label products amazon fba image58

I want to warn you before it’s too late!

Don’t write a lot of remarks in your list. Otherwise, you’ll multiple extra efforts and waste the time doing unnecessary work. Try to combine similar ideas and create a clear structure of possible customer’s satisfaction. Extract definite suggestions for the further work on developing a profitable private label item on Amazon.

Remember your main goal: you're not a scientist who is going to publish a history textbook. You want to start a profitable business here. That’s why you should concentrate on essentials.

A tip for you: negative comments are the most valuable to make your product well recognizable from thousands of others on a competitive market.

How to work with reviews?

  1. Analyze different item listing’s comments and their concerns to find effective ways of enhancing your product on Amazon.
  2. Apply the same working patterns to the best five item listings for your personal item business concept. Identify likes and dislikes of all customers. Select the main points out of this.
  3. Include all these proposals into the summary of your ‘Item Research List’.

Just look how far we’ve come! You’ve reached the most thrilling moment. Select your best item label product finally!

We’ve come a long hard way, but it was worth it. There are only some steps left and then you will decide what FBA product is the best to sell on Amazon.

However, before moving further, we’ll remind the most significant factors of a good private label item! Try to count your item ideas. Ideally, there should be 5 business concepts to be able to select from.

Yet, how to choose the most lovely item idea?

Open your ‘Item Research List’. Undertake a fundamental review of the collected information and verify how many products correspond to the following requirements:

High Customer’s Interest:
The best five items present the minimal normal ‘BSR’, the highest average level of sales for each month, and the most astounding amount of key search phrases.  

Minimal competitive level:
The best five items have a low number of seller reviews in general (it’s a good sign that the specialty isn't soaked yet), a few non-optimized item listings, and availability for the future beneficial changes.

But most of all, it helps to make a decision whether to pick your favorite item idea now or not as soon as possible.

How about to analyze our illustration item idea – a ‘tea pitcher’? How it meets the private label item criteria?

Price: $20-60 price:
We see that only 1 of the best offering items correspond this range. So, the item is of a low probability to build a really profitable business on Amazon.

Not big sized, with small weight:
It seems like we got a shot! Our ‘tea pitcher’ is  made from a qualitative material and has the right size.

Elementary and long-term:
Yes, it’s simple enough. The fact whether it's long-term will rely upon the material. So, we should focus on that criteria when choosing a product provider.

Only Private label ones:
There are various FBA dealers demonstrating the private label potential.

High Customer’s Interest:
The main five items ‘BSR’ has to be no less than 5,000 and the amount of successful deals, which is 9,000. It’s the potential customer’s demand for your product ideas.

Market Niche is Not Fulfilled:
There is an extremely high competitive level in this segment. Two of items in the main five reach at least 1,000 outlooks. Coordinating such amount of reviews needs big pockets. Is that something you need?

If we could find a way to sell this product at a $20+ price point, this might still be a product idea worth pursuing.

Looking through the ‘Unicorn Smasher’ outcomes, we see that there are still a lot of first page items with both low ‘BSRs’ and reviews. On the one hand, the item listing we’ve took into account was non-optimized. On the other hand, we could boost out personal thoughts about possible product changes that will lead to positive sales effect. The idea to offer an item just for $20+ value would be simply amazing, because it will give a chance to the further consideration.

With choosing a favorite item idea, you have laid the groundwork and gave life to your product idea! Your way of succeeding on Amazon with creating ideas!

Sure, you will find exactly what you are hoping to get.



Whew! This was not easy but worthy. Hope, you know your product now. If not, it’s normal. Just read the key moments once again and feel what is the best product for your business on Amazon.

Wish you good luck on your important thing!