Selling on Amazon All the Year Round!


Surely, you remember about the Q4 peak season that is coming soon, but what if you wanted to get the same great income all year round?

Any Amazon seller would say that profits are his goal. But those sellers would be surprised if hearing that selling profitably during the whole year is possible. So, the main goal of anyone who works with eCommerce is making money online constantly, not depending on seasons and holidays, though those days may bring additional profit.

You may take the advantage from selling during the other three quarters of a year. Moreover, using a smart set of eCommerce tools can make the whole process automatic. So, you could sit back and watch how your business works by its own.

Why does the majority of sellers prefers to concentrate on Q4?
Unbelievable, but I'm wondering about it too. That's why I got an idea of writing this article. My goal is enlightening other Amazon sellers and showing them opportunities of selling in all periods.


The case of becoming a year-round seller

Of course, the main point of this is making more money! Simple, isn't it? The secret is in finding high-demand items for selling them in the first nine months before Q4 starts. List popular products that people like, set attractive prices and watch them flying off the shelves. many sellers just don't think about this opportunity while concentrating on the last three months, so they pass through their chances available from January to October. They focus on Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, so they simply forget about anything else!

It is the main mistake of any Amazon entrepreneur.

Don't act like that if you want to get more profits. Think about all the possible factors that can drive sales (or demand, if you like this more) throughout a year, for instance:

  • Seasonal changes.
  • Holidays.
  • Interesting events.

Don't be limited with great holidays such as Easter or Valentine's day. Pay attention to special shoppers' holidays as Amazon Prime day, working holidays, as Teacher Appreciation day or long celebrations such as the US Women's history month.

If we talk about seasons, we should keep in mind temperature and weather changes mainly. It's time to be prepared for the winter season (tourism, warm clothes, etc.) or summer one (picnic stuff and so on).

As for events that can drive more sales. For example, it may be the start of the Olympic games or release of some popular film.

Make a list of things that could fit these categories and check if there is the demand for them between January and October.

Do that and make your business more successful, as there is a plenty of opportunities waiting for you! This work won't take a lot of time, but will surely help you to boost the sales.


Q1 and chances of Amazon merchants during this period

The first and main mistake of active sellers during Q4 is simply the stop doing anything in January. Many entrepreneurs close their online stores believing that there is nothing to do from the New Year eve till the end of September.

It is a completely wrong decision!

I am interested whether they've heard about the post-holiday frenzy in Q1. This is a nice time to sell actively.

Many people (and your potential customers) are sure that prices go down after Christmas and prefer buying items after the holidays pass.

One more thing is Amazon gift cards. People buy them as gifts for holidays, and those who has received such a thing, will likely be looking for something interesting to buy for that card. I doubt that they will save their cards till the next New Year. And what do you think?

Some customers will probably return items (gifts) they have bought during Q4 and search for something else to buy in Q1. These facts tell us that sales are not over after the old year ends. Buyers will rather buy something new than withdraw money for the returned products.

There are also some special holidays and events in Q1 that could bring you profits:

  • The Super Bowl that will be help February 4th.
  • St.Valentine's day on February 14th.
  • The Chinese New Year will be on February 18th.
  • Saint Patrick's Day on March 17th.

You can even expand your business to the Chinese Amazon to get more sales during the Chinese New Year holidays. Open new niches and experiment That is always a great deal!


Sell winter products during Q1

Focus of the cold winter weather and concentrate on the products that would be appropriate for this season.

It may be sports equipment or warm clothing, and so on. Some people probably haven't bought everything they wanted in Q4, so they will search for such items in Q1. Here is a short list of possible options:

  • Winter clothing (jackets and coats. fleeces, insulated vests, scarves, mittens, gloves, caps, masks, warm shoes and boots, thermal underwear and thick socks).
  • Snowy equipment for sports (snowboards, skis, sleds, sleighs, snow shoes, skates, goggles).
  • Other winter items (snow shovels, melting salt, antifreeze, windshield scrapers, tire chains, blankets, space heaters).

These are just a few examples, and the list can be continued further...

Just keep in mind that if you work internationally, your clients from another planet's hemisphere may not need winter clothes during Q1, so check the weather forecasts in other regions to make sure your business will work well enough.


Continue making money through Q2

So, we have found out that there is a plenty of opportunities for earning money for Q1. And what about Q2?

Easter is usually takes places at the Q2 beginning. It will be on April 1st in 2018. Note, that this holiday takes place on different days each year, so please check the calendar for the next one. For example, in 2024 it will be on March 31st, so it will be a part of the Q1 strategy.

There are also other great holidays, their dates are for 2018 as well:

  • Mother's day on May 13.
  • Father's day on June 17.
  • The NHL Stanley cup final and the NBA final.

​The day of our beloved mothers and fathers are not only pleasant and sacred holidays, but a great deal for eCommerce. Products for moms and dads are going to be extremely popular before these days. Since all people, all dads and moms have different interests, you can choose several niches at once.
​Look at what products are more popular during this period and stock the same items! You can also pay attention to what was at the peak the last year. Such trends can repeat once again.​

​Check what teams will play in the NBA and NHL championships, and look at what teams are going to be the most successful. Things related to them may be extremely popular. Fans enjoy having something that reminds them of the favorite sports team. Once the playoffs start, watch how fans are rushing to get a hat, jersey or other accessories of sports teams.
​The FIFA World cup will be held from June 14th to July 15th in 2018. This is one more idea for Q2.​ I think that you'll observe a great increase of the demand for football-related items during Q2 (and Q3).


Keep you sales growing in Q3

If you've read my article to this point and you agree that selling in Q1 and Q2 are possible and may be profitable, you may be interested in the Q3 sales. It is the strongest quarter from three ones (we don't pay attention to Q4 now), so you can sell more aggressively in this period. Moreover, it is the season for preparing for the Amazon Q4 rush.

The Amazon Prime day happens in this period. So, you need to be ready for it. You should care about having all the necessary items in stock in advance.

By the way, getting ready is justly for every event and holiday, as you should think and act like a year-round seller to become one.  Be ready for them ahead of time.

Here are some reasons for doing this:

  • Make sure you have all the products before competitors do it.
  • It is better than rushing to build the inventory in two days before an event.
  • Score larger supply of TOP products and beat your competitors.

How early should you prepare for different events? I'd say that you better get ready for Q4 in summer.

Yes, you've read it correctly. Be ready for the 'Back-2-school' rush in early summer, and get prepared to Q4 at its end.



Now, I want to believe that you are not limited to Q4 in your mind. Have an 'offseason' plan to capitalize on during the rest of the year.

Plan and source the proper items mix in advance of events, holidays, seasons changing, and keep your cash flow smooth all the year round. Keep an eye on the trends, look at what is popular and has the high demand.

Become a strategic thinker, plan your business to details, and you will be able to boost your sales in every season.

I hope my article was really useful for you!

Please share this information with your friends in social media, it may greatly help them in growing the Amazon business!