The Most Important Amazon Statistics for Sellers


Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. You may wonder whether it is so much profitable and successful as people say. And there is no better evidence than numbers. So let’s shed the light on the most important Amazon stats that will blow your mind!


Amazon Company Stats

  1. We will start with Amazon employees. The company gives work to 541,900 people and 1000,000 robots.
  2. As for users, they have more than 300+ Million ordinary users and 100+ Million Prime users. It means that one from four adults in the US has a Prime account on Amazon.
  3. The market share tells us about the weight of the company on the market. If we talk about the US e-commerce market, Amazon tales 49.1% of it. What’s more, they dominate in some categories with more than 90% share:

    - Batteries - 97%
    - Kitchen and Dining - 94%
    - Home Improvement Tools - 93%
    - Golf - 92%
    - Skin Care - 91%

  4. Another statistics showing the importance of the company for the world’s customers is revenue. For the first two quarters of 2018, Amazon has made nearly 104 Billion of US dollars. However, almost 50% of their revenue is provided by third-party sellers. The data for Q3 and Q4 is not gathered yet, and in 2017, annual net sales were of $177.9 Billion. The figure was just around $40 Billion in 2016. So you see how fast Amazon grows!
  5. The company is valued for $1.2 Trillion. There are just 2 companies in the world which valuation exceeds 1 Trillion: Amazon and Apple.
  6. Statistics experts state that if Amazon was a separate country, it would be the 146 richest world country


Amazon User Statistics

Now it’s time to learn more about Amazon users: who are they? What do they do and like? Why do they come to Amazon and how much are they ready to spend here?

  1. This is how the audience divided in 2018, according to the Epsilon research:

    - Homeowners 80%
    - Blue collar shoppers 57.4%.
    - Shoppers with family 54.7%
    - Female shoppers 51.1%
    - Married 45.9%.
    - Bachelor's degree shoppers 34.5%
    - Graduate shoppers 27.4%.

  2. Half of all shoppers in the web search for products on Amazon and tend to research them prior to buying.
  3. Here are some stats for Amazon Prime users: 40%+ spend more than $1000 annually on Amazon. 100 Million people around the world use Prime. More than 64% of households are subscribed to Prime.
  4. As for usual non-Prime users, they spend $100-500 every year.
  5. More than half of consumers do their holiday shopping here on Amazon and they spend more than 1/3 holiday dollars on Amazon (especially on Black Friday).

And after we have discovered interesting new Amazon stats regarding the company and its users, let’s have some fun and learn a few unusual facts about Amazon.


Funny Amazon Stats

  1. Amazon was originally named as ‘Abracadabra’.
  2. More than 6000 dogs work at Amazon.
  3. Apple uses Amazon’s technology of ordering a product in one click. This technology helped to increase the entire mobile shopping.
  4. The whole US territory can be covered with Amazon cardboard boxes shipped just in 5 months.
  5. You can often find weird and unusual products on Amazon such as dog selfie tennis ball or Star Wars chopstick.

In fact, there are more Amazon statistics gathered by various companies throughout the world, we just collected the most interesting facts. We hope you enjoyed them!