Amazon Listing Optimization - What Does It Mean?


Every seller who wants to succeed on Amazon to make more sales is interested in having persuasive and informative product listings. You could create it as for private label product, as well as for various arbitrage items, and even for unique package of products.  Well-designed Amazon product listings boost the product rating and increase your Amazon performance efficiently.

Most likely, you have already met very poor examples of product listings. You could be embarrassed by an unclear or peculiar title which is hard to understand what product is for sale. This is the problem of selecting the most accurate and specific keywords. In another case, maybe you have realized that this is exactly that product you were looking for to buy, but suddenly you felt confused by rather fuzzy and unstructured description. Sometimes you like and understand both the product title and the description, but the images are more than disgusting. Then, you regret about the time spent there, go away from this Amazon seller and continue searching for the better one. These are some examples of how is better not to do at all.

So, there are very high risks to lose your potential buyer, if you are an Amazon seller. A customer will rather run to other sellers who are your competitors, than will have doubts about your suspicious product offer, even if it’s good indeed. You see it's all about the correct positioning on Amazon to convince the buyer that your product is really worth purchasing.

In this article, you will learn how to sell correctly and meet the shopper’s needs, motivating the person to act at once. I will divide a good Amazon product listing into the main components to remember the process of its proper creating.


Well-Designed Amazon’s Product Listing Consists of the Following 7 Basic Elements:

  1. Title
  2. Images
  3. Key features
  4. Description
  5. Keywords
  6. Customer’s Reviews
  7. Rating

After including all these sections into your own product listings, you will make it understandable and more attractive to your potential buyer.

Let’s work this out and put each product element under a microscope!

1. Title in Amazon product listings

Amazon Product Title can be a maximum of 250 characters. Amazon has specifically modified exactly such number of characters for the product title, so that sales on its platform were higher. Therefore, it’s best to use all real and available estate.    

The first and main purpose of the product title is to give a potential buyer the most valuable information about the product. The second task of the title is to help a buyer decide whether he needs to look at your product more closely or it is not what he needs. This includes such features as: model, brand, size, colors and quantity and anything else that will help your potential buyer to choose you as an Amazon seller.  

Give the main keywords which brightly describe the major product characteristics. Put them in such an order and writing style that will attract a real person, not a computer bot. It means that it’s better to select semantic phrases about the product functionality in any customer’s real-life applications.

I offer to your attention an excellent example of the title for wireless headsets with the following keywords:

tips improve amazon listings image4

2. Images in Amazon product listings

You can add 9 images sized 500px high and 1,000px wide. These are the indicators of the high quality of your photos. Choose only one main photo that will be visible to a buyer at once.

I suggest using a white and light background for the main photo. It works great due to the better product perception. Other 8 images should show your product from different sides and the examples of how it can be used in customer’s everyday life. Be sure to show the packaging as well. All these moments increase your credibility as to an Amazon seller.

And above all else, your images must show the real size of the product. The greatest amount of negative feedback is expressed by those buyers who were expecting to receive the product of a smaller or larger size. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, one of your images can show the product next to any other thing to show a real comparison.

Here is a good example of an Anker company which product is shown both from outside and in use by a real person.  

tips improve amazon listings image2

3. The key features in Amazon product listings

Amazon allows you to use 1000 characters for describing the key product characteristics. Provide information to a potential buyer so convincingly, that your product will be advantageously different from competitor’s one. This is the space of 1000 characters to show a shopper what you are exactly better at and why they should purchase a similar product from you.

Write about the product benefits visualizing the future users’ life experience. Tell them how after your product’s purchasing, the buyer’s life will become better, more joyful and of course easier.  

Be sure to include the bullet points to highlight every key feature and all the main advantages. The quantity of the bullet points is defined by the category in which you promote the product. Be concise, do not give too many bullet points. The art of persuasion lies in the highlighting the main benefits and its correctly prioritizing with the help of the bullet points. It’s better to use 5 points in the correct order.

I want you to check yourself. Reread all that you wrote and then ask yourself: Would I buy a product from this Amazon seller after reading these words?
It’s better to correct the mistakes, if you’ve found any weak places after reviewing. Think once more what else you can add and how to do it more efficiently.

Of course, you can look at the key features of other sellers, but don’t plagiarize. Take ideas and adapt them to your own unique taste.

Here are the key product features given by Anker:


4. Description in Amazon product listings

The product description is more space for significant words about your product advantages over other Amazon sellers with similar products.

Here you have 2000 words! Show your product to your potential buyers in its completeness, indicating all the functional product features. The more words you use, the better, since Amazon allows such amount of words for a reason. Describe all those features that you have mentioned as the product key features. 

My recommendation is using short sentences. Shoppers want to save their time and get all the necessary information as quickly as it’s possible.

The product description allows you to tell more about you as an Amazon seller, but try not to exceed the trust limit and don’t praise yourself too much. A buyer needs not you specifically, but only your product.

Write about something real. Don’t mislead your potential buyer and don’t create false expectations, which then might possibly return to you as negative reviews on Amazon.

tips improve amazon listings image6

5. Keywords in Amazon product listings

Your product listing will not be optimized sufficiently, if you don’t select keywords for the product ranking and targeting. These are two main reasons why the keywords are so important.

The most common mistake of many Amazon sellers is misunderstanding the way of using these specific words. The main thing that you should remember is that your keywords must be relevant, accurately describing your product. Then they will be highly-effective.

Add keywords to your product listing in the product title or in the place with your key product features.

6. Customers’ Reviews in Amazon product listings

It seems that there's nothing more important than customer's reviews on Amazon. This is a type of a social proof and a reliable confirmation of the high product quality.

You should have noticed that it's quite difficult for a new seller or new product to get some buyer’s feedback.

Use automatic services for requesting feedback to solve this problem. Alternatively, you can also use ready-made good working templates to collect customer’s feedback.

tips improve amazon listings image1

7. Rating in Amazon product listings

The best way to achieve a good Amazon rating is to receive high positive reviews regularly. That’s why, your product must meet the customer’s expectations. It will encourage them to send you good feedback.

In case you’ve suddenly received a neutral or negative review from a person who wasn’t your real buyer, but just looked through the description, refer to the Amazon guidelines. They can remove all reviews without any evidence.

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