How to Use Negative Reviews on Amazon in Your Favor


Sellers on Amazon are aware that negative reviews are not the best news to see. Customer reviews are nearly everything for beginner private-label sellers. They grow your product visibility on Amazon - Amazon does everything for customers to have the best experience in their marketplace, so they will place your items higher in search results - and help other shoppers make a decision in your favor. When they see that the product or seller rating is almost 5 stars, they will be more ready to put a product to the cart. If your product’s rating is far from 5 starts, shoppers will think twice whether to buy things from you or from another seller whose product has 4-5 stars.

Still, negative reviews are not negative at all. They can be useful for sellers from several perspectives. For example, you can learn more about your business to improve it in the future or can convert an unhappy customer into satisfied and loyal.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to do that.


Understand Your Customers

First of all, let’s stop and think why Amazon values customer reviews so much and why it places them into the first place when rating different sellers in one list. According to Amazon, reviews are aimed at giving product feedback to other shoppers. Reviews must be honest and other shoppers should use them as helpful information in decision making.

They emphasize the importance of reviews to customers and don’t mention Amazon sellers anywhere. So, this is about valuing customer experience over everything else on the world’s largest marketplace.


As a seller, you can act as Amazon - follow your customers’ needs. This will be appreciated not only by your clients who will be happy with the high quality of your products and services but also by Amazon which values customer experience the most.

Take ideas from negative customer reviews and make the list of things you can improve. You grow your chances both for getting more positive reviews after making improvements and rating your items higher by Amazon.


Treat negative and positive reviews as a kind of help which can make your business better.


Keep Suppliers Accountable

Many private-label sellers order their goods online without their physical presence at the supplier’s office. If you do so, you should keep an eye on the quality. Receiving several negative reviews about cheap low-quality material, about broken products and other problems with items is a sign that you should contact your supplier and find out what’s wrong with the production.


Sometimes, such problems can be resolved and your supplier just sends you a new party of products. Keep in mind that this kind of problem should be resolved as soon as possible, as you risk to get dozens of unsatisfied customers.


Make Smart Product Decisions

Monitoring customer preferences and supplier-related issues will help you make smart product decisions.

Here are some ways of how negative reviews can help improve your business and marketing:

  • Improve your products. It may be so that changing the design or color will bring you additional sales, so listen to what your customers say.
  • Find ideas for new products. This point is similar to the first one. Shoppers often share their thoughts on what they would like to get. If you don’t want to modify already existing products, think of introducing new ones.
  • Adjust the product detail page. If negative reviews caused by the lack of information (customer buy products and find out that they are not as were described on Amazon) make changes to pages in order not to confuse your future customers.