Why Can Amazon Buy Seller Account?


Sellers are afraid of getting a ban from Amazon. Still, if you know the rules and follow them, you’ll hardly get a ban. Here is the list of 11 things Amazon can’t stand and you better know them all not to get a ban ‘by accident’, unintentionally.

Read attentively to know what Amazon won’t praise you for:


1. Product Quality Issues

You know what Amazon values the most - customer experience, of course. So, if a seller offers an unoriginal, expired product or one with a defect, their account can be suspended or banned. Amazon can know that from customers’ feedback or even reports about issues, and poor product reviews. So, a too low rating can lead to a ban as well.

Still, you have nothing to worry about as long as your products are of high quality.


2. Reports about Poor Service

Customers can send complaints to Amazon, after which the company can suspend or audit your seller account. This usually affects seller rates, which leads to audits too.

If a seller receives many reports from customers, Amazon will review that account for sure.


That is why we recommend using negative reviews to know what’s wrong before users send reports with complaints directly to Amazon. By the way, an autoresponder is what is going to help you with that.


3. Delivery Issues

According to Amazon, delivery should take not much than 2 business days. If a seller exceeds this term, the order will be called ‘delayed’. If your delay rate grows over 4%, Amazon will send you a warning, so you will be able to fix that. In case you do nothing and the delay rate continues growing, Amazon will ban you.


What’s more, if you specify a wrong delivery code which will cause problems to your customer, your account will be at risk. And receiving negative feedback from shoppers regarding that won’t be appreciated by Amazon.


4. Issues with Logistics

Amazon wants all sellers to have their tracking rate at the level of 95%+. Goods must be delivered to buyers in 17-28 days, and if that doesn’t happen in time, seller’s account will be suspended. Still, if a seller uses FBA, he won’t face this kind of problem, as Amazon will handle the order when this is necessary.


5. Getting a UPC Code Elsewhere

Using informal channels for getting UPC codes are not appreciated by Amazon. Don’t use automatic generator patches to get them. Everything will go as usual until someone sends a complaint to Amazon about your UPCs, then you can get a ban.


Use regular channels where valid UPC codes can be bought. Otherwise, your sales and accounts may be frozen.


6. Unusual Account Performance

It is natural that the first 3 months are the most difficult for every online store and there won’t be extremely high profits during this time. Sellers usually promote their goods before they become popular. So, if Amazon notices too high sales or other abnormal activity in your account, this will lead to the account audit or account suspension.


Keep in mind that your sales growth must be gradual, otherwise, you’ll be treated as a cheater.


7. Cheating for Getting Reviews

This is our favorite part, as we have been mentioning this rule many times before.

  • You can’t pay people for reviews, as well as you can’t offer them products for free for reviews.
  • You can’t ask your friends to leave positive reviews.
  • You can’t ask your customers to leave ‘5-star’ or ‘positive’ reviews.


If you do any of these things, Amazon will suspend your account.


8. Duplicate Products

If you upload a similar product but not the original one, Amazon can punish that by a ban. So, before uploading your new products, use ASINs or UPCs to check whether there is not such a listing on Amazon yet.


What’s more, be careful and classify your product appropriately. This won’t lead you to a ban but may cause problems as well.


9. Adding Irrelevant Information

Lack of relevant information about your product can lead you to the account suspension. Why? Some goods require certificates (safety, quality, and so on). The absence of these certificates (in case they are necessary) will make Amazon suspend your account.


10. Breaking Listing Rules

Here are several common causes for getting a ban from Amazon for that:

  • Copying titles and descriptions from other sellers’ listings.
  • Adding false information about promos, pricing, logistics, and other irrelevant aspects.
  • Inaccurate photos and descriptions.


If Amazon finds out that you’re breaking one of these points, your account will be audited or even banned.


11. Violating Policy

Amazon Policy is what every seller must respect. ANY violations will lead to immediate suspension and a ban.

Here are useful links which will help you connect the dots on policies:

  1. Amazon’s Policies and Seller Code of Conduct
  2. Amazon’s Policies and Agreements
  3. Prohibited Activities on Amazon